What makes a girl "dirty" - in a good way?

I’ve a few male friends (I’m a girl, by the way) who tend to state a liking for women to be “dirty”, or “pure filth”. As in “See that Lily Allen, she’d get it, she looks like she’d be pure filth”.

Which got me thinking… what do men consider “dirty” (in a good way)? I’m not talking about “wouldn’t touch that skanky ho” kind of girl, I’m talking about “Fwoarrrr… I bet she’s really dirty”.

I did discuss the definition with my male friends, but thought I would chuck the concept out amongst the good people of the Dope.

All of the above, ad infinitum.

The effect is multiplied when the girl presents an otherwise sweet and innocent demeanor.

Yep. Must truly sincerely enjoy sex, in all (or at least most of) its permutations, with no hangups.

I voted ‘other’ only because there is no category for “none of the above.”

I always thought of it like this- she gives off a vibe that she enjoys sex, isn’t embarrassed about it, and gives a hint that she might let you in on the fun. Sort of a flirtatious thing- it’s not about what goes on behind closed doors, but rather what she hints at in public. “Dirty in a good way” girls tend to dress a little provocatively and talk a little inappropriately.

In reality… the quiet, mousey church girls are often the ones with multiple partners and bondage apparatus, but they’re not necessarily the ones that are “dirty in a good way”, because they don’t let on that they’re into that kind of thing.

Wait–swallowing and battery operated are “dirty”? I thought most people swallowed, and vibrators are pretty commonplace. Where do you people live, Sweet Apple, Ohio?

You and MeanOldLady seem to have a lot of comments similar to this. You’d think by now you’d understand how conservative (with a little c) many Dopers are, relative to you.

Still, I have to agree with you. None of that stuff is really dirty anymore. It’s really just a girl who looks and acts like she likes wild sex. None of this stuff is particularly wild on its own. You’d pretty much have to have all of them, and then probably something else. You’d be physically and mentally exhausted by all the things you’d do.

The last option is really the best, as it’s the one that’s always there. The girl must like sex, and like it a lot. And it can’t be anywhere near vanilla, which is what I figure you mean by “risky.”

Any sexual act with most “girl” is “dirty”–also disgusting, evil, sickening, and often illegal.

Most sexual activities with a consenting woman are not any dirtier than the same activity with a consenting man.

Both your non-sexist language skills and your sexual double standards need to be updated.

Well, MeanOldLady is one of our smartest Dopers. :smiley:

But don’t most women like sex? I mean…I don’t know. I just get the vibe that this is all predicated on the assumption that the minute a woman does more than just tolerate sex, she’s some kinky superfreak, whereas most guys are assumed to like sex all the time/any time.

“Dirty” is a state of mind. There’s plain vanilla, and there’s Dirty Vanilla.

Missionary in the dark is filthy if you’re doing it right.

That said, yeah, I join Freudian Slit (and MeanOldLady, in absentia) in their bemusement at the idea that a woman enjoying sex in any of it’s myriad forms is somehow notable.

Ha ha, I feel like the board perv now. Or at least one of several. How did that happen?

Don’t all people enjoy sex? That’s kind of the dirty trick nature is playing on all of us, right? One of the things all life forms, big and small, have in common is we want to reproduce. Even if human beings have consciously decided that we don’t want to have children, we’re still fueled by near-constant horniness, and this whole “sex” business feels mighty good. Oh, Mother Nature, good effort, but I’ve discovered birth control, so there!

All of the above.

As long as she doesn’t advertise it to the whole world and as long as she doesn’t place her self worth on her sexual prowess. THAT can be a turn off big time.

If it helps define the term, this post is the exact, diametric opposite of “dirty - in a good way”.

Unless you’re into thread-shitting. I’m not, usually, but given the right dirty girl…

Cool, so dirty in a good way means winking and looking the other way when guys make stupid inane comments.

Word up, yo!

Add me to the list, please.

I have no idea what this post means, so forgive me if I’m misinterpreting you, but there were seven posts before the one I quoted, including the OP. Please list the ones that were stupid and inane. Or is the whole thread stupid and inane? If that’s where you’re going with this, we have a Pit for that. Just a suggestion.

Sorry, I can’t bring myself to be offended by the use of “girl”. I call adult individuals “girls” and “boys” quite often, and while I’m only 19 myself, I’ve used the word for people much older than me! This language is probably ageist (the cult of youth, etc, etc) but I don’t think it’s sexist.

Anyway, I do agree with everyone who’s commented to say it’s not particular actions that make a girl “dirty in a good way”, it’s just when she gives the impression that she loves sex and being aroused, and - when it’s appropriate - likes to talk about it. For example, if the two of us are having a private girls’ chat and she says something along the lines of “ooh, I’d like to bend him over a table” - that’s “dirty in a good way”.

(And yes, I am female and bisexual, to clear things up.)

Well, I thought the OP was kind of lame for implying that women who like sex are dirty–but it’s awesome! And I thought your post about Annie Xmas’s comment that the whole idea of sexist was rather inane, too. Because it basically boiled down to calling her uptight or prudish for calling out sexism.