How much do homes in your neighborhood go for?

I am particularly interested in foreign countries (Especially European places… damn Prague is beautiful)but all comers are welcome.

In my neighborhood in DC 3 bedroom townhomes have an average price of around $500,000. :eep: You can get them cheaper or more expensive but that is about the average price. If you go 10 blocks into Scary Adjacent Neighborhood, you can get an identical townhome for under $150,000.

Well, to answer your question, I am lucky in that my home has been a ‘family’ home for quite a few decades so no need to purchase. But in the past few years this has become a place where the London city types like to buy up and commute to work so that has driven the prices up.

For us, I guess a three bedroom house would be around $300k - $400k in your terms, but it depends on the area and the house of course.

two-fiddy. I bought my home 5 years ago for under 100. Man, I’m glad I bought then.

Well, Mrs Lizardo (the former Penny Priddy) and I just picked up a pleasant 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath cape cod / colonial cross breed out here in Hyattsville for less than 160K. This is becoming the area where educated, reasonably well-paid people who don’t want to shell out for DC/NoVa/MoCo prices are moving to.

We paid $380K 6 months ago for our 4 bedroom 1 1/2 bth home, and found out lat week it is currently appraised by our lender and insurance company for $60K more than we paid.

Home prices around here are really going up quickly.

Too stinking much! Two newly built, 3 bedroom single family homes down the block went for 750,000 each. A rehabbed 4 bedroom a few blocks away just sold for 1.4 million.

Where we are in London, a full terrace house will set you back at least £1 million.

1 bed flat - £300,000+

A flat with a view over the park, well you’re up near the £1 mil mark again.

This is why we are renting a shoe box!

San Francsico - some of the most expensive real estate around.

Crappy 1200 square foot fixers go for $500,000 and up in my neigborhood. New condos down the street start at $790,000 for the 750 square foot one-bedroom ones.


I live in Santa Monica (West LA), and it’s dangerous for your psyche to even look at homes here. I recently saw a story on the news that said Santa Monica has the most expensive real estate in California with the average house going for over 1.8 million. Of course that’s the average, so you could probably find a one-bedroom shoebox directly in the flight path of LAX with termites and a family of armed squatters in the garage for 750,000.

Heh. Where I’m at (South-central U.S.), it all depends on which direction you look.

Go a block or two one way, houses are 2 million, give or take a half million or so.

Go a block or two another way, and they’re 30k or less.

Right where I’m at, it’s $100,000 - $200,000, depending on size and distance away from the 30k ones. :wink:

I swear, I’ve never lived in an area that’s so mixed-up in terms of real estate. You’ll have about two-blocks of really good homes, then boom! Two blocks of really crappy ones. I have little clue as to why.

<< Yum. >>

Wow. We paid that much ($795,000) for a nine-year old four bedroom, 2600 square foot detached house in San Jose (Cambrian area) about six months ago.

One more reason I don’t live in San Francisco.

In my immediate neighborhood, they’re probably $60,000 to $100,000. We have a small “Cape Cod cottage” in a sleepy midwestern city, pop. c. 125,000.

Our development is about 3 years old and about a 40-50 minute drive from downtown Jacksonville. The houses range from about 1100-2000+ sq ft, all have 2 car garages and small lots (less than 1/4 acre mostly) New, they went for $106K-$140K, the more expensive ones had pools built and included in the mortgage. Our house is 1718 sq ft, and it’s the only one with a basement (We’re on the steepest lot) and we bought it for around $120K. I’ll be putting it on the market in about a year, and I’m hoping to get $130K, assuming the economy doesn’t totally crash. We are in the boundaries for the best high school in the county, so that should help.

We’re in a working-to-middle class kind of area, and houses around here go for between 100,000 and 175,000, depending on size (and which block they’re on). Our house, an older one that’s 2300 sq. ft, is the largest one on the block, around the corner from a park and just down the street from one of the city’s best public schools, and we bought it for 131,500 a year and a half ago. If the same house were half a mile north (same school district, different park), it would have been at least 150,000. Newer houses in better (but not the best) neighborhoods go for 200-300K, and older houses in crappier (but not the worst) neighborhoods are running 70-90K.

Oh, hey, and I’m in Albuquerque (largest city in the state, but nowhere near the most expensive). The same houses in Santa Fe would probably run at least 100K more.

LOL. move to eastern indiana. A 20 room 5 bedroom goes for about $350. A 3 bedroom goes for about $80k.

You can get a small house that isn’t a fixer-upper for $50k here.

Prices here in San Diego are out of control. For instance, 1-bed 1-bath condos are currently being offered at over $160,000.

$300,000 ish…
my place was $275,000 give or take 10,000

House like mine, similar but different neighborhood.

It’s about 200k.