How Much Do You Budget For Groceries Per Week?

As the title says- lets not worry too much about rates of exchange- roughly US dollars.

By budget I mean usually allow, not necessarily spend. For instance I would budget $100 a week, but if red salmon was on special I would buy lots and exceed that amount. The next week may be less.

Just for household goods such as food, cleaning products, pet food etc. I have excluded alcohol, tobacco and petrol.

Could you please include the number of people in your household if you post.

This is my first- please be gentle :slight_smile:

We probably average $150 per week for a family of four.

Around $125 or so, family of 3.

I clicked on this thread to type exactly that. That figure includes beer and wine and a few household products, but doesn’t include stuff like shampoo, soap, deodorant, dish soap, etc., which I don’t buy at the grocery store.

I live alone (with a dog), and I spend between $60 to $80 a week on groceries, including shampoo, laundry detergent, and so on. I do go out to eat once or twice a week and can spend between $15 to $40 dollars a meal on that, depending on whether I drink wine or not. Also, I eat almost no meat, so that helps.

We spend $700/month for a 2 people for everything food and household related–that includes gas for the car, things like cleaning products and paper towels, and any eating out we do. It does not include bills. This is down considerably: we are on an Austerity Program and tracking everything to the penny right now. It’s actually really empowering.

It’s just me, but I spend the weekends with my bf and will often buy food for that as well. I budget about $50 week but try to really stretch it with coupons and such.

We are about the same. We actually have five people, but one of them considerately makes himself scarce.

Until I got my job and my husband’s work was on a reduced work week ( 4 days, and still is on 4 day pay, but he works 5 days. Anything to help out.) I was doing grocery shopping for a family of four on about $50 a run.

Alot of sandwiches were eaten.

Alot of popcorn for snacks.

No junk food at all.

Mac and Cheese and ramen noodle.

Rice based dishs and soups.

My MIL would supply the veggies and some sandwich meat. (Which she still does and I am always grateful, as my 12 year old is a hoover with meat.)

In one hand it sucked donkey balls. In the other hand, it was very empowering.

We never missed a bill or got behind on anything.

It’s hard to say because I don’t do one big grocery shop a week. I work right next to the shop, so I’ll call in a few times as we need stuff. However the two of us definitely never spend anything like $100 a week, which would be about £70. We’d have to be buying some really extravagant shit to spend that much. You’ve got me interested now though, I’ll be keeping a track of what I really spend over the next couple of weeks!

Since you put in pet food I had to go with nearly 200 per week.

Well over US$200 a week for a family of four - we’ve got a teenager, plus another one warming up in the wings. And food prices in Norway are higher than in the US to boot. And as the family cook I put “healthy” and “tasty” way before “cheap” on my priority list.

It’s just the wife and I, and we are fortunate enough to eat pretty much anything we want.

We live far from town and don’t go out to eat too much. Can’t get pizza delivery or anything either. 99% of dinners are prepared at home.

I have my own refrigerator at work, so I don’t go out to lunch too often either.

About $150 a week for the two of us. That’s a guess. We don’t budget for it.

You can eat Healthy and Clean ( no junk food) or you can eat cheap.

Choose wisely.

That’s not true. We eat cheaply *because *we eat healthily: no processed foods, no ready made meals, etc.

We budget and spend about $150/week on average, but that usually includes a dinner out every couple of weeks (I’m assuming a dinner out counts as food). There are two of us.

I didn’t answer the poll because for us, its very hard to say. We don’t usually spend very much on groceries for a family of four - but we eat out a lot - no one is home for lunch mid-week, dinner is out or on the run often enough to be a significant factor. Its also hard when you buy half a cow at once, or enough strawberries to turn into jam for a year and pickle twelve jars of beets or go spend $200 a Costco once a month. Sometimes we buy very expensive cuts of meat - more commonly very expensive cheeses or bottles of wine. But we will also eat dirty rice at less than $1 a serving.

An average grocery trip when I shop is once a week and less than $70 - plus $20 at the farmers market - if that Costco run was recent, less than that because the milk and eggs are in the house already. An average grocery trip when my husband shops is $200 and there is no food in the house that you can make into a meal (but there is expensive brie, a very nice 20 year port, and $10 chocolate bars - and if I’ve complained that he never brings home vegetables - a bunch of leeks).

$150 for two people, and that includes things like cat food (for 2 cats), litter, toiletries, and all that stuff. We buy a lot of staples (grains, beans, etc) in bulk, so some weeks we might only spend $50 on food but will need lots of household items, and some weeks hardly any household items, but we need to stock the bulk items.

ETA: Our food budget also includes an occasional dinner out, maybe once or twice a month.

Somewhere in the $125-150 a week range for my girlfriend and I to eat (I’m the cook, the one who buys the groceries, and the one who watches the money, so I have a pretty good idea). I’d say we spend about $15 a day, and then probably go out once and have one really nice home-cooked meal, usually Saturday and Sunday respectively, which kicks those two days a bit higher. We could go cheaper if we needed to, but eating healthy and tasty stuff is one of our big pleasures, and with the hours we work we can afford it right now (and need all the pleasures we can get!).