how much do you pay for car insurance? Does mine seem high?

I drive a 2008 Hyundai azera. Kelley blue book value is 11-12k dollars. My insurance is 691.20 every 6 months. Liability and collision. I’m 40 with no violations since 2005. I live in SC.

I’m 48 and pay $598.46 for 2 vehicles (Avalon/Camry) less than 3 yrs old with full coverage. This year I also received a rebate from my Ins Co for $140.00 (profit sharing) that is not included in the above.

When I moved from western PA (Pittsburgh) to eastern PA (Philly) long ago my car insurance premiums tripled. Is the OP’s location a factor in the seemingly high rate?

  1. Male. Maryland. 2004 Crown Vic. $564/6 months.

I saved almost $100 paying the whole premium up front.

I was with GEICO before I recently moved, but apparently I moved into an area they deem a higher risk and my premium with them, which had been about $600/6 months before, jumped to like $750. I switched to Progressive who gave me the rate above. So it definitely pays to shop around periodically.

47 Male Minneapolis 2001 Ford Focus $372/6 months. I have not had a moving violation since '87.

Comp and liability only. I’ve always found that its the collision that really drives up the rates.

31, male. 2008 Hyundai Elantra. I live near Orlando, Florida. My policy is up for renewal in a month and Progressive is offering me 6 months at $391.02. I’m a little shocked to see my rate is so much lower than yours, especially based on location (Orlando has one of the highest crime rates in the country right now.)

I’ll go one better and post my coverage limits:

The lower limit on just about all types of coverage in Florida is $10k. I might up my PI coverage with this renewal.

40, male, Minneapolis. 2008 Prius $457.88/6 months. Just got a yearly policy dividend for $51.16.

BI UM UIM 30,000/60,000
PD 50,000
Med 20,000
Comp with full glass $500 Ded
Coll $500
Accident forgiveness
Rental Reimbursement 30/900
Towing and Labor

/USAA ftw.


I just switched insurance companies. It went from $750 per 6 months down to $550 per year with better coverage.

Since the OP is asking for personal experience, let’s move this to IMHO.

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I’m outside the US so rates are affected by different set of laws.

I pay US$532 per year for US$12.5 million in liability coverage. There is no choice of coverage levels. That rate is nearly double what I paid before a big hurricane caused major claim losses for the insurers in 2004.

No comp or collision on my very old vehicle.

56/female/MD/Anne Arundel County
Full coverage on a 2012 Chevy Colorado
I pay $87/month if I pay monthly. Something like $480 if I pay for 6 months up front.

When I add my 18 year old son my rate will almost double.

I’m planning on moving to Washington County where I will pay less than $50/month.
If I lived inside the beltway my I’d pay a lot more. Twenty years ago when I lived in the city I was paying twice as much as I had been in the county.
When I lived on the eastern shore I paid $25/month but I didn’t have collision.

26 year old male with a 2011 Camry paying $683 in MD (Rockville) for full coverage. $25/mo would be a dream.

As far as yours being high, I would generally say you could easily beat what you have by several hundred bucks a year, unless:

  1. You’ve had a gap in insurance in the last 3 years
  2. Or You have a credit score of <700 / bad credit
  3. Or You’re talking about very high limits, and no/low deductibles
  4. You live in a really bad zip code. For SC, maybe someplace like a barrier island that gets flooded by a hurricane (if there are any of those in SC).
  5. Or you aren’t the only driver on the policy

For a car like that, I would expect you to take something like $100,000/$300,000 liability limits, and $500 comprehensive/collision deductibles, and probably pay under $1000 a year for those limits.

For me, in IL, I pay a little under $600/yr for an 06 CR-V and 09 Sedona, 2 drivers in their 30s, and $100k/$300k limits/$500 deductible and good credit/no accidents. (edit to fix number, was doubling it).

I use geico, but can also be cheap, and both provide a good starting point to compare with quotes from an independent agent, who can sometimes beat those rates with smaller companies you might not know about.

One thing you didn’t tell us is how much you drive. Your rates will vary a lot based on your yearly mileage and how far you drive to work every day. Driving 5 miles to work one way will get you considerably cheaper rates than driving 40 miles to work one way.


Dunno about where you are but my insurer has no idea how much I drive.

Colorado here. Two cars: a 2012 Mazda3 and a 2000 Honda CRV. Full coverage on both, $500 deductibles and $100K/$300K liability.

Two 50ish year old adults on the policy, though I don’t drive, since I’m legally blind. (Removing me from the policy would not change the rates. I’ve checked.) One college age kid, who had a couple of minor accidents (with tickets) in her first year of driving (sigh). Discount rate applied while she is away at school, since she doesn’t have access to the cars. Both cars are insured assuming 10,000 miles/year of driving.

Six-month premium: $942

We got a $95 profit sharing rebate on our current bill, not included above. We might be able to get a lower rate elsewhere, but it’s USAA. Worth the price premium for the unbelievably good service.

Son will get his license next June. That’s gonna be painful.

Am I reading that right? $12.5 million in liability coverage? I wouldn’t even know how to get that much coverage in the US.

Typical “high” limits in the US are 100/300/50 ($100,000 each person, $300,000 each accident, $50,000 property damage) and you can also find 250/500/100, but nothing approaching one million, much less twelve.

As for the OP’s rates, South Carolina has the second-worst drivers in the US, according to a report released recently.

Do you mean that they don’t ask, or that you don’t tell them?

Earlier this year, i decided to shop around for insurance after four years with AAA, and every company i checked wanted to know how many miles i averaged in a year.

Location really is a big factor. I live in San Diego, in a condo in the city, and i pay more for my car than a friend who lives out in the 'burbs in a detached house, despite the fact that his car is worth much more than mine.

Anyway, it’s worth the effort to shop around. When i did it this year, my premium dropped by over $200 a year for exactly the same coverage.

Yeah. $10 million Cayman Islands dollars liability coverage = $12.5 United States dollars. It is a BI/PD combined single limit.
You would need a personal umbrella liability policy to reach that level of coverage in the States. That usually requires that your auto policy have a minimum of 100/300… maybe more.