How much do you pay for your TV sevices?

The fiance and I came to this realization about two years ago, when he’d gotten laid off and we were looking for places to cut expenses. We’ve long since been able to afford to have it all hooked back up but…shrug why bother, we really don’t miss it much at all.

The 2 kids (7 and 12) bitch about it when they’re over here (they’re here 50% of the time, he has joint custody), but eh…we have tons and tons of books to read, they have a PS2, they can use my and my fiance’s computers when we’re not, we have a swimming pool in the back and large grassy areas to run around in as well as a little playground right outside, and they have a room full of toys, art suppliesm and their own books. They’ll get over it.

$118.00 per month:

High Speed Internet
HDTV package
On Demand

I’m going to brag a bit, so bear with me.

We have Dish Network, for which I pay $60 a month. Also, because my employer is a big-ass media conglomerate, I get cable TV with all the premium movie channels and high speed internet…for free.


Can I run a cable from your roof In Orlando to my roof in Las Vegas and we can “share”?

Honey, if you can make that work, go for it.


My son wants to get Comcast for broadband access, and he’ll be paying $43 a month if that happens.

Work pays for Internet (eventually, stupid Ariba… :mad: )

I have satellite, and it’s like $50 with 8 HBOs. But, that’s with price protection, which will be ending shortly. If Directv doesn’t deal, I’m moving over to Dish Network where there is some deal with HBO and Skine…I mean Cinemax, DVR, HDTV for like $68 (that might have some type of price protection, too).

As of right now, I’ve got cable. Rapid Cable, to be exact. They suck. I’m paying $103/mo. for digital cable, 4 HBOs and internet.
Sooo, I’m going to be hooked up to DISH Network tomrorow, but I’m still keeping the cable internet, which will cost right at $40/mo., along with the DISH service, which will be around $60/mo. for the ‘Top 180’ channels and DVR. We didn’t need that many channels, but our daughter wanted G4 and I wanted National Geographic, which wasn’t available on any packages, other than the Top 180 and the whole package deals.

Somewhere around $47 a month for DishNetwork’s “top 100” package, plus my locals on three receivers, one of which is a Tivo-esque PVR.

Thanks, Cheesesteak. You just saved me from having to type the same thing, verbatim (except for the music channels part…we use that for our Saturday night poker games).

Smart guy. I do the same.