How much do you spend a month on alcohol and tobacco

I’ll start

Alcohol - Roughly $5
Tobacco - $0. I don’t smoke.
I was thinking about this today and how some people smoke 1.5 packs a day of name brand cigarettes which with taxes in america are around $4 a pack (so about $240 a month). I was also thinking about people who go to bars and can spend $100 in a single night on drinks and how their alcohol/tobacco budget is probably around $600 a month or more.

Lucky me, i drink bum wine. Wild irish rose, which is $2.50 for a fifth. I only drink about 2 of those a month.

Well, lemme see now… nuthin times nuthin… carry the nuthin…

I see you get high on life instead. Join us on the dark side where cheap wine flows like a mighty river.

Wow, $4/pack. There are stores around here that sell them for that much, but that’s far from average. Let’s see…1/2 pack a day @ 2.75/pack = $41.25 for a 30 day month. I quit drinking so that’s it.

Another “zero-zero” clean-living sort.

I did, however, smoke two packs a day for damn close to 20 years – quit 5 years ago when cigs went to $2.50/pack. I can’t imagine smoking with the current prices.

Including drinks bought out, the alcohol tab is roughly $70 a month for my husband & I.

We don’t spend any money on tobacco in any form.

Alcohol-~$100, though I think for the month of August, it could be closer to $200. 3 “bender” weekends with my old high school friends. :smiley:

Drink:$20.00 a month. I tend to go out to dinner to a nice restaurant a couple times a month and have a glass of wine or beer with the meal.

Alcohol - I spend anywhere between $5 and $25 a week.
Cigarettes - I usually buy one or two packs a month, freely distributing many of them to my friends.

I’m probably in the neighborhood of $75 a month.

$0 on alcohol

My husband and I both smoke about 1/2 pack per day, each. So, 1 pack per day @ $4.80/pack for 30 days = $144.00.

Damn! We’ve got to quit. That’s my monthly Visa payment!

nuthin times two

$10 on alcohol, maybe, and nothing on tobacco.

Tobacco: $0
Alcohol: I’d guess around $40-$50, mostly on wine. Last month it was closer to $200, after a night out after a wedding with many old friends in attendance. Good fun.

Since I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of my quit date, I will calculate my monetary savings to date:

I have no idea how much cigarettes cost now, but I was spending $25/week last year when I quit. I will err on the side of caution and estimate that prices are still the same. 51 weeks * $25 = $1,275.00!!! Woo hoo!!! :slight_smile:
I don’t drink much alcohol, but averaged over a year I probably spend about $20-30 per month.

My addiction to P. F. Chang’s Kung Pao Chicken, on the other hand, sets me back a cool $80 a month. Ohhhhh but it hurts so good. :smiley:

Cigarettes - $0

Other tobacco - $20 (I like this Scandinavian product called snus. It’s loose or bagged tobacco you put underneath your upper lip. Something like Skoal, except it doesn’t require you to spit and isn’t awful.)

Alcohol - $50-$150

Cigs- $130 ($5 x 30 days)
Booze- Meh, somewhere around maybe $200.

$330 isn’t too bad methinks. I spend more on that for food.

Alcohol - $0

Tobacco - $26. I roll my own cigarettes (no chemicals added), and I get the tobacco in cans for $12.99. They last a little over two weeks. Mind, when I left Canada six years ago, the price for a can of tobacco was $45! I can’t imagine what highway-robbery price they’re commanding for it now!

Technically speaking, nothing. I don’t use the foul weed and brew my own beer. If you count the fixin’s for the brew, I’ll estimate about $28-40/month. Once in a blue moon I’ll stop after work and have a beer at a casino here in town, but I have enough “free drink” coupons to make me an Irish poet.

I usually give away a few when I’m there, but still, nobody wants to be my friend. :frowning:

I know this is gonna scare me…

1 1.75l of whiskey a week - $30 x 4= $120
1 750ml of rum or vodka a week - $20 x 4= $80
18 pack beer a week - $20 x 4= $80

booze= $280

around a carton of Camels a week - $35 x 4= $140

tobacco= $140

monthly total= $420
yearly total= $5040


Cigarettes: $0.

Alcohol: $0. Once, I bought a 4 thing of Mudslides thinking, “hey, if I’m going to like ANY kind of alcohol, I’m going to like the chocolate shake alcohol.” That was about 3 dollars. I didn’t. I think I also made my fiance buy me cheap sangria once. It was about two dollars. It tasted like alcohol. Yuck. I think I’ll be sticking to mulled grape juice (which tastes to me like how wine looks) and oxygen for the rest of my life. Meh.