How much do you tip cabbies?

I have been taking a lot of cabs lately, and wonder about what the going rate for tipping is. My usual rule of thumb is to aim for around 20%, but never less than $2. Am I normal?

I wouldn’t set my minimum as $2. Not if a short ride costs only 4 or 5.

When I took cabs I would round up a £3-£4 journey to £5.

It was always the same journey, so if one cab company charged more than another it would still get the same amount off me (so the cheaper company would get the most generosity)
I avoid taking cabs these days. Even without tipping it seems utterly insane to pay nearly five pounds for what is a half-hour walk.


Agreed, but if it’s late at night, raining hard, or you’ve had more than a skinful, it’s appropriate.

Anything around $10, I’ll round up and tip an extra dollar. Around $20, I’ll round up and tip $2-3. And so on.

20% with a min of $2.00, exactly like the OP is doing.