How much does a cruise ship cost?

Simple question: How much does one of those huge, modern cruise ships cost to purchase?

Bonus points: I understand their construction is heavily subsidized, how much would one cost without the subsidies?

I tried googling and searching GQ for this, but couldn’t find anything.

According to the Carnival website…

Their newest ship, Conquest, cost $500 million dollars.

Thanks a lot. I should have found that. :slight_smile:

Ok, I`ve got a question regarding the Carnival facts.Here.
2.5 million passengers per year.
18 ships
=138889 occupants per ship year.

Divide by the 3700 persons per cruise
= 38 cruises per ship per year. - seems kinda high?

Anyway, the average cost of a cruise is probably around $1,600+. Multiply by 2.5 million and you get $4.09 billion in annual sales. I guess you could justify spending 500 million per ship.

I don’t think thats too high… probably about right. I’d venture that those ships are at sea all the time, maybe a few weeks off per/year for major maintainence tops. If the cruises are generally 1 week cruises (IIRC, most Carribean and Mediterranian cruises are) it’d be pretty easy to come up with 38 cruises per ship on average.

And remember, the trend is toward MegaShips. The Voyager of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) is the Largest cruise ship, but the Conquest handles more passengers than any other ship. But most ships are much smaller, and as they age out, they’ll be replace by these monsters.

I was on Conquest in March. We’re at the most forward cabin and my brother has the farthest aft cabin on the same floor. I would look down the passage way and not be able to see his door because it was soooooo far away. My feet hurt just thinking about it.

Just what do they do with old cruise ships?

Many times, sell them to another company. It’s not uncommon to see older cruise ships sailing around. Companies in this business will squeeze every nickel out of a ship until A. they sink, B. they get shut down by a government or C. they become too costly to run, and too cheap to sell, so they end up beached in Asia for breaking.

Look at the SS Norway, which just had a boiler explosion in Miami. It was built 43 years ago, and they’ll have her back in service ASAP. As long as she makes money, that’s all.

The money on those things is unreal. I was on the Grandeur of the Seas last year, and they had something like 10 million in artwork alone. They had 2 pool tables that cost millions. Why? They were gyrostabilized, and interfaced with the bridge equipment! :eek: