How much does Earthlink suck, let me count the ways...

One month ago I got a trial version of Earthlink with free software in the mail. I thought “cool, free software and I heard that Earthlink was okay”

Mistake #1.

So I pop in the CD and a popup says “Run Setup? [OK] [Cancel]” I click on [Ok], waiting for the custom installation to come and get my free software.

Mistake #2.

Instead of a custom setup, the setup suddenly takes over my computer, spewing its awful <s>Earthlink</s> Earthcrap software that didn’t work at all. After the spewing finally ends, I go look for the uninstall, to get rid of this Earthcrap, wishing it all away from my computer.

Mistake #3.

I cleaned out the computer of the Earthcrap software, or so I thought. My browser has that wretched Earthcrap logo branded on it. But that’s not the only problem.

One month later, when I switched to a new ISP, I tried to install Outlook Express to get to enjoy my new email.

Mistake #4.

Instead of enjoying my new address I get this :

“One or more of you files are either not installed or corrupt. [Ok]”

Okay. Thinking it was a bad download, I reinstalled Outlook Express. Same error message. When I went to the registry to find the problem, I find crap. Earthcrap. All over my registry. I delete all the Earthcrap out and reinstall OE again. Same error message.

So now here I am reinstalling Earthcrap-branded Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, which fortuately, works. And to think, all of this could of been prevented just by throwing away the CD.

Moral of story : never trust a CD from the mail, never run programs unless you know what you’re getting, and don’t fall for freebies that some companies offer.

…and remember, duct tape fixes all your problems, big and small.

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I have been an EarthLink customer for about 2 years. No real complaints here.

Though, I usually don’t install “setup” software from ISPs, if I can help it. Color me paranoid. I learn what the DNS numbers are, (you can call EarthLink support and they’ll talk you though it) and configure Dial-Up Networking myself. It’s soooo much easier, and you don’t get any crap spewn all over your computer. Same thing with setting up Netscape Mail or Outlook Express mail. I still consider myself mostly a newbie, but it’s not that hard to do at all!

This also works great with Macintoshes running OS 8 or later. (In fact, when I got my little PowerMac, I was so paranoid about screwing it up, that I made a point of NOT using any install software. Just used their internet connection wizard, filled in the DNS numbers and dial up phone number, and it was painless!)

I find EarthLink’s support staff really good, at least for me. Call them up and have them help you fix this mess they’ve gotten you into!

Oops, sorry, I forgot you found a new ISP - so don’t call EarthLink’s support!

What ISP did you switch to, by the way? Tell me it’s not ATT Worldnet, now their software really sucks!

Ummm, you’re supposed to restart after putting in the software. Also when you take it off, you should do that too…

W98, Also, run the system file checker, SFC, you know RUN:SFC

People don’t even know its there, it makes sure all your system files are fine. Its amazing isnt it? Also what is this W98/95? Linux?

Almost as a cruel joke, today I got another trial CD from Earthlink. :eek: I threw it away immediately. :stuck_out_tongue:

yosemitebabe, I’m using MindInfo, a local ISP. It’s not bad, even though it only goes up to 33.6 :o And I’m going to email Earthlink about the :mad: awful uninstaller it has on the CD.

handy, yes, I did restart the computer after each install and uninstall. IE5 had a file checker, but that didn’t fix anything, and I’m using W95.

…and remember, duct tape fixes all your problems, big and small.

Fun with HTML (tutoral) : The True Sequal


I always make a copy of the registry before I install something. If I don’t like it, I boot into DOS, delete the registry and export the backup.

Then I go into Windows and delete the folder.

If Wally can do it, how hard can it be?

I don’t have to do drugs to mess up my head. I went to Catholic school.

WallyM7, how do you do that?

Louie, Before installing a program, open Regedit, click Registry and from the drop down click Export Registry. Give it a name and save it in C.

If you later want to restore that registry, boot to DOS, type C:\regedit. You will then see a list of DOS commands for deleting and restoring the registry you saved.

I don’t have to do drugs to mess up my head. I went to Catholic school.

Windows makes a lot of registry backups on its own, around 5 to 7 depending on who you ask.

Windows 98 does back up the registry, but not Windows 95.

I don’t have to do drugs to mess up my head. I went to Catholic school.

Cool, thanks WallyM7.

I do what Yosemite does. Get the DNS numbers and screw the software. I don’t care what ISP it’s from.

Now, AOL is a different story, but I have been able to get around it’s blatant overtaking of my IE. When they lauch Netscape as their broswer, I don’t care Netscape sucks.

BTW, U.S. West said I couldn’t do anything but use their software, before the 30 day period was up their tech support again told me I couldn’t simply use DialUp Networking. I politely told the tech “Fine, delete my account immediately because I am the only one that says how I am able to connect to the internet.” (or something like that)

I have been using Earthlink for almost 3 years as my ISP (get it free from my client) and only use DUN. (tried US Worst to see if my bps rate would be higher, no such luck)

Damn, time for bed???

I used to work for them as an analyst. Let me be the first to say its a scam. Trust me it will get worse before it gets better. I even once read a thread here from someone claiming that they laundered money for L Rons ventures; dare I say its correct? :smiley:
Id advise a new ISP ASAP .