How much does your cat weigh?

Caligula is 18 pounds. Fat bastard.

Mine is 13 pounds.

Yes, but he is nothing compared to Baron von Bloatenkat. (Scroll down.)

We have had 5 males recently. Generally we get them to 14-14.5 pounds of healthy lovely cat. One is truly fortunate to have long, strong kitties.

One male (I assume to genetics) tipped the scale at around 11.

The only truly…“extra healthy” cat, a female, weighed about 12. She was small, but only in length.

When we adopted Holly last Christmas, the vet estimated that she was about a year old, and weighed about 4 or 5 lbs, if I remember correctly. She got so big so fast, though - she got up to 9 lbs. in just a few months.

My parents, on the other hand, have an 18 lb. cat. He’s not only long and tall, but chubby also.

That pic of Baron von Bloatenkat is hilarious. What a cute cat.

The Vet had me put my cat on vitamins when he went down to 17 pounds - He was a big Maine Coon

Thank goodness! I thought I was the only person completely incapable of putting a cat on a diet. My noble Sir Galahad weighed 14 lbs. or so the last time I checked, which was a really long time ago. He has a pot belly, and I have tried putting him on a diet in various ways: restricted amounts of food, diet low-fat kitty food, etc.

The trouble was he drove me absolutely bonkers and became extremely aggressive, even biting my feet while I was sleeping at 3 a.m. Normally he is extremely affectionate and purrs like a bulldozer. Basically, if I’m sleep-deprived, I can be talked (or meowed) into just about anything, so I finally decided I’d rather have a fat and happy cat than a medium-sized and psychotic cat.

When he went in for his shots in September, Shancat weighed 16 pounds, down from 17 1/4 a year ago. He’s big, but also fat. And he’s got about 6 times as much fur as he needs.

winken the wonderful is 9ish.
nod the naughty is 7ish.
the misnamed malenka the miraculous is a whopping 14ish.

As a matter of fact, I brought Bo and Hanna to the vet today.

Bo was 13 pounds.

Hanna was bad. Well, she wasn’t really bad, but she was clinging to me the whole time so we didn’t weigh her. I am guessing she is about 10-11 pounds.

My Russian Blue weighs 10 lbs., and my Maine Coon weighs 16 lbs - big but not fat.

One of my former cats, an orange tabby, weighed 27 lbs. - big *and *fat. The vet told me to exercise him, so I bought a harness (dog size) and leash, shlepped the cat down to the sidewalk (I lived in NYC at the time), and tried to get him to walk. He simply dug his claws into the sidewalk. I tried to drag him, only to leave long scratches down the sidewalk, much to the amusement of the onlookers. The cat remained at 27 lbs. till he died at age 14.

Manfred is 22 pounds. I don’t think he’s that fat. He is enormous however. When he lays on my chest and stomach, its like having an afghan over me. He’s my best buddy.

I had a manx tom that weighed in at 19 lbs. Solid muscle and bone. My current kitty is only 5 months old. She weighs 6 lbs.

Hungry Joe is 20 lbs of fat.

Hungry Joe is 20 lbs of fat.

:smack: He’s so fat I hap to post twice.

Snowball - 6
Stella - 7
Boy - 15

And my baby… 26. She has issues.

Both Frodo and Mischief are about 8lbs. It’s hard to believe when I picked them up last spring they were only a pound and a half.

My sister’s cat Tigger is a whopping 23lbs. He might weigh a little less now, he’s recently had a haircut. Furry little bugger he is.

My boy Wookiee is 22 lbs. Love hearing the diet stories–he’s become quite ornery and hasn’t lost a pound. Sounds like me :slight_smile:

Freddy: 12 lbs.
Murphy: 10 lbs.

My cat weighs around 20 pounds or so.

Daisy is 8 pounds of pure attitude!