How Much For Two Nights of Babysitting?

I’m starting the search for a sitter, and I’m not sure how much to pay. I would need someone to come in Friday afternoon and stay until Sunday afternoon, one weekend a month. My kids are 12 and 10, not exactly babies, but I don’t feel they are old enough to stay alone for that amount of time. And before I insult anyone by offering too little, or put myself in the poor house by offering too much, I’m turning to you for some input. How much is a fair amount for a weekend of sitting?

It sounds like you need more than just kid-sitting, more like a two-day nanny. Because your kids are somewhat older, this person will have to be at least in their early 20’s which means higher pay. Plus, s/he will be cooking and cleaning up after them… cha-ching.

I’m still not sure what a fair hourly rate would be, I was just pointing out that it’ll likely be higher than standard babysitter wage.