How much is generally left of a suicide bomber? (Possibly TMI, I guess!)

OK, this is a fairly disgusting question, I know, but it’s something that news reports don’t tend to touch on, and hey, I have a curious mind, alright?

We read about suicide bombings in the Middle East on a regular basis. Sometimes the news will vaguely mention “body parts” being scattered across the scene. But how much is actually left of the average suicide bomber, say one wearing a belt full of explosives? Enough to identify them? Or are they basically shredded? Obviously it would vary depending on circumstances, but what could you expect to find?

Note: please keep politics out of it. I don’t want to hear about the ins and outs of what drives people to blow themselves up. Just facts.

I seem to recall reading about an account where the upper torso, head and shoulders of a suicide bomber were discovered relatively intact, obviously dead, but with eyes open and with a rather surprised look on the face. I rather think a google search including the words suicide bomber and torso will get you a few results.

I think it would vary greatly on many variables. What type of bomb was used, where was it ‘worn’, etc…

I can say, from photos I have seen of actual suicide bombing sites, there have been recognizable body parts scattered about. One particular photo showed a head lying in the middle of the street if that gives you an idea.

I won’t give my cite here, as I’m sure it violates some kind of rule, but you can find these on the Internet (easily I would imagine).

I saw a photo about a dozen years ago and I can still picture it quite clearly. It was of two suicide bombers that I think attacked a tourist bus in Egypt. They were much like Mangetout described… their upper bodies were relatively intact down to the middle or bottom of their rib cage where, suddenly, nothing was left. Their faces had kind of a brownish tinge, either from dust or bomb residue. On their faces and arms and exposed skin were numerous small lacerations, shrapnel from the blast. But it was their expressions that really haunted me and cause me to study the photo until it became indellibly stuck in my mind. It was a curious mix of surprise, a smile and something else I can’t quite put my finger on. A ghastly view, no doubt, but mesmerizing, compelling and fascinating at the same time. It really made you ponder their duration of consciousness post explosion.

From the pictures I have seen, the bomber’s head was usually intact, and like others have said, much of their upper body.

If a bomber had a ‘belt’ or ‘vest’ fasioned of explosives, it seems reasonable to assume the force of the blast will probably blow him in half at the very least. I think a lot of people like to think ‘blown up’ means ‘blown into unrecognizable fragments’ but unfortunately it is often not true. Pictures of busses destroyed by suicide bombers show a gaggle of severed limbs and mangled bodies, not to mention blood everywhere.

I might add that for these two fellows, the explosives were strapped to their waist, probably in a small amount easily concealed. With an increase in amount obviously you’re going to have a proportional decrease in recognizability of ever having been a human. With a car or truck bomb you’re stroganoff and mist.

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Here’s a not too graphic photo of the remains of a particularly dumb suicide bomber (not that any of them are especially smart) who though he could destroy a Bradley APC with himself. :smack:

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