How much is selling your blood worth these days?

I donated to the Red Cross a few months ago and was paid with some cookies and a glass of lemonade, but was curious as to the market rate for my life’s essence. What are the going rates? Where would you sell it?

Can you sell whole blood? I know you can sell plasma, but I’m not sure if you can sell whole blood. I don’t know the going rate for plasma, either, though…

Generally speaking, in the US anyhow, they don’t pay for blood anymore. The problem in the past is that the winos and drug-addicts would come donate blood to get the few dollars for more drinks and drugs, and they’re blood would not be usable. My recollection is that they haven’t paid for blood donations for a lonnnnnng time.

I believe in some countries you can still get paid for donating blood (no cite) but not in the US for quote a while.

For me the satisfaction of having helped someone in need is enough. I figure that someday my life may depend on the kindness of strangers.

Now you may still get paid for donating to a Sperm Bank… if you’re a male that is.

How about hair? Can a person still sell one’s hair?

Around here you can’t sell whole blood but there are a few places that buy plasma. I saw a poster by a bus stop not too long ago that gave the rate at ~$80/week. IIRC that meant donating twice a week.

I “donate” to a plasma center twice a week.

Officially, I’m not selling my plasma. I’m donating it and being “compensated” for my time. I think it’s a fine distinction legally, but the center is still open, so there you have it.

Not counting bonuses (which occur a few times per month), I earn $50 per week.

I get a coupon for a free pizza, or a free burger, or something, from one of the local businesses every time I go in to donate. In February, I got a little box with four chocolates in it. So, that works out to be about $5/pint.

I recently got a $5 Starbucks gift card for donating a pint of blood, which is the same rate iamthewalrus(:3= got. Of course, I don’t drink coffee, so it was essentially worthless to me.