Selling blood or plasma?

I’m a pretty regular blood donor, but I’m reaching that stage of financial hardship where I should really start seeing if I can sell the stuff.

Is it possible for a healthy, type O+, frequent blood donor to sell blood to hospitals?

How does it work?

How much does blood go for on the open market these days?

Should I try eBay? :smiley: (kidding)

Whole blood can be donated once every 2 months,
Plasma - twice a week.

Check your yellow pages for plasma centers, there’s probably one in your area, or better yet, do an internet search for plasma centers in your area.

If you do donate plasma, be prepared. Get there early and bring a book, there’s a lot more people waiting in line at the plasma center than at a blood drive. Giving plasma is also a lot more uncomfortable and takes a lot longer, since they draw out your blood a little at a time, separate the plasma from platelets, and then pump it back in.

Now, understanding there payment schedules, that’s another thing. IIRC, at the place I went to for a brief time, it was $25 the first time, $15 the second per week, with bonuses on the 4th and 8th time you gave per month, however YMMV.

Good luck!

Try finding some Vampire nuts, these guys really exist ya know! They drink each others blood all the time, but they probably run out a lot, or have to wait around for more to be produced.

Then again, setting up a meeting with your local branch of the Manson family with the sole intent of discussing if they want to drink your blood… just don’t sound like too good of an idea in retrospect, does it?

— G. Raven

What city do you live in? The place I sell (plasma) to is called Nabi, and they pay pretty well. They don’t pamper like some places, but they give bonuses for referrals, weekly drawings, stuff like that, as well as a pretty good amount of cash for an hours wait.


Homer, I’m in Chicago.

Thanks andyman, very helpful info. And errr…you too, Morrison’s Lament.

How long does the procedure take, total? 1 hr? 2 hrs? 3? (excluding waiting time)

Am I going to get track marks/collapsed veins if I go every week?

Blood that is used for human transfusion (at least in the U.S.) is only acquired on a volunteer basis. If you sell your blood or plasma, that is used for research purposes or in the manufacture of commercial blood products.

It’s helpful, of course, in advancing medical knowledge and in the treatment of medical problems, and blood is definitely needed for those things. But it’s a different help you are providing than when you are donating blood (without payment) to a donation center.

Cranky, right now it’s not about the good feeling of helping my fellow human, although I will be donating soon enough.

Expect to have a needle in your arm for about 45 minutes. :eek:

I understand the financial hardship thing, magdalene. So much so that I’ve been looking for a place to bleed for money myself. Does anyone know of any places in Maryland that buy plasma?

I tried to sell my plasma in college (I needed more money to drink), but even though I’ve never had a problem donating blood, the plasma people thought my veins were too small or something.

If you get past that hurdle, the friends of mine that did donate never had any problems with collapsing veins or anything. If you know any college students they should know or be able to find out where you can donate in your area.

Gotcha. And you’ll still be helping your fellow humans… I was sparked into offering that unsolicited bit of info because you mentioned selling it to a hospital.

Some snowstorm, eh? They’re letting us go home early…

You might want to check to see what kind of blood you are donating. I was told a few years back that my blood is Neonatic (sp?). What that means is that your blood is chemically safe to be donated to infants. From what I understand less then 1% of the population can do this. If you find out that your blood is neonatic then I would recommend you keep donating for transfusions, Those little buggers need it worse off then we do.

I commend you on thinking of others and donating your blood. For the people you help it really is the difference between life and death.
(Quick side note – Hi Valerie I’m posting on the board now. I told you I would tell you when I did. By the way how’s your phone? :wink: )