How Much Is This Coin Worth?

I recently came into posession of a coin, encased in plastic and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

It’s one of these, minted in 1937. I don’t see any mint marks on it.

Well, I’d say $40 based on silver content alone.
Probably more for the collectible value, assuming there is one.

Whoops. That coin is 8 grams.
I quoted the silver price for 5 OUNCES.
Forget me.

Based on this site and ebay searches, I’d say $5 or less. But, it may be that some variants are worth more than others…

Samclem should be able to approximate a price on it, as a licensed coin dealer. However, you can look it up online; Google for something like “Germany +coin +value”

Pretty common coin in the coin business. I probably have about 100 of them right now. I sell average condition ones for $5 or so. Uncirculated can be worth about $20.