How much money is all the world's economies worth combined?

Title. Also, what’s the total value of all the money in circulation today?

World economic activity is north of $110 trillion. Never seen an estimate of all money.

This is not a simple question. You need to be more specific. Do you mean just the banknotes and coins? Those plus very liquid assets like bank accounts and money market accounts?Something more? Read this and get back to us on exactly what you mean.

110 trillion could be right (not including my money).

Money as in currency? Not a whole lot, compared to money as in liquid assets. Currency is economic small change compared to money as a whole.

Beyond that, well, there’s a mother of an observer effect here: The moment any substantial volume of money moves, or is audited, the amount of money changes due to investments being rearranged on a massive scale due to changes in investor confidence. How investors feel on a moment-to-moment basis can shred the economy. This is why NASDAQ has “circuit-breakers”, or rules which limit trade volume if there’s a massive jump in the number of trades over a short period of time. It’s an attempt to curb panic trading, which was blamed for part of what happened on Black Monday in the 1980s.

Point being, we can estimate, sure, subject to the usual uncertainty and volatility inherent in all investments, but were anyone to try to actually count the money in a truly authoritative way, that alone would warp the market substantially.