How much music was changed on the 90210 DVDs?

Beverly Hills, 90210 used a lot of popular music in the show. Is most of the music different on the dvd releases? I detest this practice, but I also know that the music rights can be very expensive and would make the cost of the dvds prohibitive.

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Wikipedia notes a few songs in the 90210 article that were supposedly deleted but offers no source.

The reviews I’ve glanced at on are not kind regarding the changed music. Apparently a majority of licensed songs have been replaced with no-name studio tracks-- IMO the use of pop music played a big part in establshing scenes and characters in the show, so replacing it with generic stuff doesn’t sound like a good idea.

One wonders what they’ve done or are going to do with the actual “live” performances (Cathy Denis at the prom, all of the bands at the Peach Pit After Dark). Perhaps part of the performer’s contract allows for use of the music on subsequent syndication and video release?

ETA: And the fact that I remember who played at the 90210 prom suddenly strikes me as more than a little bit sad.

“Donna Martin Graduates!”

Wait, what? Cathy Dennis appeared on 90210? Do you remember what season?

Not sure which is worse-- that you remember who played the prom, or that there’s a guy who would buy an entire season of a show just to see Cathy Dennis again.

It would’ve been senior year, so I believe that would be season three.

I think that was the show at the Queen Mary, wasn’t it?

I remember the Meat Puppets’ “Forbidden Places” being played in one episode. I bet that one wasn’t too hard to get clearance for.