How much of the Doper Brat Pack still survives?

With all of the recent threads about either people taking off from the board or threads about potential Doper deaths I got to wondering…….how many of those assembled by Nocturnal_Tick and named into “Official” Doper Brats still cavort around here? Are we defunct, or simply underground and plotting?

I have never heard of this group, care to fill us clueless ones in?

I’ve never heard of it either.

Perhaps ronincyberpunk and I aren’t cool enough to know about the Brat Pack.

Ah, sorry. Try this.

Well Nocturnal_Tick is still amongst us. And it’s a good job too! 3 weeks from now and we won’t be living together any more! sobs

Erm… continue.

Can we get a list in this thread? {whiney Barbie voice} Reading whole threads is hard. {/wbv}

Reporting for Brat Pack roll call. (We should have a salute smilie).

And Cluricaun, I was (and probably still will) make a Brat Pack 2nd Anniversary Posting on May 28, 2006.

Forgot to post the Official Brat Pack Website:

Excellent. I shall pass the time before then by drinking heavily (hic!)

I think Hal needs a picture, and we all know what kind of picture to which I am referring.

I reuped today after remembering how to.

Who are you people? :wink:

Heard someone, somewhere, might’ve missed me.
Like the herpes, you think I’m gone but ya just can’t shake me. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s up, people? :slight_smile:

tick checking in!

Hi everybody!

Hi all!

featherlou, kindly hush.

I am as constant as the Northern Star.

This intrigues me. Haven’t been around much lately but does it involve sheep?

I hope you’ve been looking after the brat pack Hal.

Dadgum little brats…

Since this thread is near two years old I’m gonna assume you meant to post here:


Oh, god - I’m a zombie thread reviver! Sorry…