How much say does the father have in abortions?

If the mother wants an abortion, but the father wants the baby, does his say matter at all?

Not sure if this depends on local ordinances or not.

It’s my understanding that neither parent is entitled to end the life of the baby, but the mother is entitled to refuse to carry it to term (the unfortunate side effect of which, is death for the fetus). Following from that, the father has no influence in the decision. It’s been a while since my law class though.

That depends on the relationship between the father and the mother. As far as I know, a father cannot prevent a mother from aborting a baby based on law.

Obviously the answer to the question depends on the jurisdiction. Assuming you mean the United States, the choice is the woman’s (Planned Parenthood v Casey).

The argument for giving the man a “say” doesn’t really hold up under examination. A pregnant woman can either have an abortion or not have an abortion. There is no halfway position here. If she and the man have differing views as to what she should do, and those views cannot be reconciled, she is either going to do what she wants to do or what he wants her to do. If she ends up being prohibited from exercising her choice because he won’t agree to it, that’s not giving him a “say” - that’s giving him a veto. It’s making the choice his.

Yet the man is still on the hook for full child support. If the woman’s choice is opposite the man’s, shouldn’t she have to sign a waiver saying that he doesn’t owe her anything financially because he voted against the decision?

I’ll avoid more editorial comments until or if this thread is moved to GD, but adult women have the only say in the decision. It gets muddier with minors and parental notification, depending on the jurisdiction, but the potential dad is still out of the loop. Unless she decides to have it, and then he is screwed in a different manner nine times out of ten.

From my own experience, not personal, but observing several friends, it is a major reason many guys may decide to pursue … less than legitimate lines of work.

Unless the pregnancy is the result of molestation by the father; then the “potential Dad” is indeed in the loop if the judge decides to force the girl to ask her father the molester for permission for an abortion. Which has happened in the past I understand.

Wasn’t there a GD thread on this, like, last week?

A little longer ago than that I think, but pretty recently.

He kinda agrees to support the offspring at the point he engages in sex. Yeah, even if he was really careful and it’s down to contraceptive failure or whatever.

Although I am not in favour of allowing men to disavow their child support responsibility, the problem I have with this argument is that it sounds exactly like the anti-abortion people’s argument that “you agreed to the pregnancy when you had sex”.

If you’re having sex with a woman who won’t consider / doesn’t want an abortion, then yes that is the case.

FTR I am pro choice.

Perhaps I wasn’t entirely clear: I’m referring to the anti-choice argument, directed at women, that “she made her choice when she decided to have sex.”

“Giving him a veto” is not the same thing as “making the choice his”. The law could be, for example, that both of them have veto power, so that the abortion would be legal only if both agree to it. In such a case, the choice would neither fully his nor fully hers.

The* kid* needs the support.

Are all children entitled to support from their biological parents?

Here in the good ol USA; yes. Thier other choices are to put them up for adoption or be a toal screw up and let them become wards of the state.

To get back on track - is there any country in the first world, where abortion on demand is legal, where the father has ANY say, married or not? In all my meanderings through news and internet, etc. I have never run across anything that said a father had any such right.

ROTFLMAO! :smiley: My cousin chased this guy around for years until she was able to get pregnent by him one drunkin night; then dumped his ass and refused to have an abortion. I can still recall the Christmas Eve when he demanded that she get an abortion while Christmas music was playing in the background. :frowning: She verbally agreed (at the top of her lungs) to support the child without him. Sixteen years later the poor sap is still making his monthly payments.

Your poor cousin, so unable to avoid having unprotected sex with a crazy, apparently super-fertile (pregnant the first time eh?), baby-desiring woman. If only he had the power to choose who he sleeps with! If only condoms were cheap and widely available!

Really, dude sounds like a class act. :rolleyes: