How much sleep do you need?

During the week, I average 6 or 7 a night, and I’m fine. I sleep a lot on the weekends, though…in the morning until 10 or 11, a 2 or 3 hour nap whenever possible. Every now and then I’ll go to bed at 7pm on a weekday. Helps with what perceive to be my deficit.

Until very recently the answer was “as much as I can get [and then some]”. It wasn’t uncommon for me to sleep 14 hours if I didn’t set the alarm clocks (plural- I’ve had as many as 5).

For well over 20 years (the problem began when I was a teenager) I thought I was just undisciplined. Two years ago (on my 39th birthday, in fact) I was diagnosed as narcoleptic. Essentially, the proteins that catalyze the “wake up” chemical reactions in my brain existed in such small numbers that I could sleep through alarm after alarm after alarm, cognizant that they’re going off but too sleepy to do anything about it (almost all of my sleep is REM sleep, incidentally). I tried several prescription drugs that worked somewhat to not-at-all, including Adderall, but coming from a family where men die of heart attacks when they’re not much older than I am I was a bit turned off by some of the literature on long term effects of amphetamines (a fear begun and fueled by my sister, who’s a pharmacist, but I don’t think it was unreasonable). Now I’m back on a much higher dosage of Provigil (a non-amphetamine/non-stimulant medication that works on that low protein) and it’s working well; while it doesn’t give the almost immediate pep of Adderall, what it does is allows me to wake up normally after 7-9 hours.

So, short answer long, currently I sleep 7-9 hours. As long as I go to bed at a reasonable time, there’s a very good chance I’ll wake up before the alarm clock sounds, and that’s never happened before.

I seem to average about 6-7 hours sleep, but I find that eventually my bod will shut down for an 8 hour catch up. I seem to have highs and lows energy-wise, so I just basically do what the bod tells me. If I wake up and still feel shattered, I go back to bed for a couple of hours more.

At least 7, preferably 8 to 9. I can do okay on less for a couple of nights, but then I turn eeeeeevil.

I can’t sleep through to an alarm, weirdly. If I know an alarm is set, I always wake up anywhere from half an hour to an hour before it’s due to go off. So on work nights I have to allow time for that. My grandma told me just a few weeks ago that she doesn’t sleep well if an alarm is set either. I guess my weirdness is hereditary. You’d think I’d sleep better with one, but I think my brain hates being jolted awake or something.

I used to sleep 6 hours a night, tops, and liked that just fine for like 30+ years.

Then, the last couple of years, I’ve started getting insomnia, and getting medicated to treat it. Now I’m really damned jealous of my sleep. I take my pill around 10 and sleep until 7am-ish. And, like essell, I can’t go back to sleep if I get woken up early.

8-9 hours means I’m not tired at all during the day. I’m generally fine on 6-8, borderline on 5 and barely functional (but functional nonetheless) on 2-4. I can’t really do less than 7 a night for more than a week without getting cranky, and less than 5 for more than one night in a row makes me cranky too.

I love sleeping in the day, but it doesn’t happen too often.

I can get by fine on four hours, but any less than that is worse than nothing at all. I learned in residency that if I couldn’t guarantee four hours of uninterrupted sleep, I was better off with a 15-30 minute “power nap” that 2-3 hours of sleep.

6-7 is ideal. Any more than that and I feel draggy all day.

I can get by on 6-6.5 hours M-F but end up sleeping 8-10 on the weekends.

If I were brighter when bedtime approaches I’d be in bed at least an hour sooner weeknights, but I’m never good a remembering how tired I’ll be the next day when it hits midnight and I’m still up.

In normal circumstances, usually about 6 hours a night, plus a short (~15 minutes) nap after the big meal of the day, usually dinner.

Lately, though, I’m unemployed, so I pretty much sleep whenever I feel like it.

I need six hours a night to be functional in a “good at my job and not actively unpleasant to my coworkers” sort of way.

If you want me to be a fun person to hang out with, well, I better have had eight or nine hours minimum the night before (and have awakened at a civilized time, which means 9-10 am or later in my book). Which is why I’ve taken to staying to myself on Fridays and getting my fun in on Saturdays.

I am at a loss to understand how the f- does anyone can function having been unconscious for 8 or 10 solid hours!

Even as a young child I didn’t sleep much and now at the age of 48 usually manage anywhere between 4 and 6 hours a night, if I am lucky. I am quite used to it and therefore rarely feel tired during the day. I desperately want to sleep for longer than I do - without recourse to drugs, please - but cannot imagine how that’s possible.

I usually get 5-6 hours of sleep a night. On weekends, maybe 7. Maybe once or twice a week I’ll have an after-supper nap for an hour or so.

I should probably get more sleep. But I’m a night owl, and can’t get to sleep before 1-2 AM.