How much to move 1000 sq ft house?

The job situation isn’t real good right now, and thinking a move may be in the near future, and it may be one where I move my fat ass soon , and the rest of the load of the house shit later. But I am having issues getting a straight answer from google. Does anyone have a decent recent idea of how much it would take for a 1000 sq ft house, with 800 sq/ft packed basement, to be packed from afar?

I would pack it while you are there, and have it moved into storage. I use U-pack. They will store your belongings until you have a plan. Once you do, they will move your pod or trailer anywhere in the country. U-pack, U-haul, PODS should all have estimators on their site, which will help you determine the amount of space you’ll need.

For example, a 2500 sq ft home with way too much stuff, cost me about $3000 to ship from Oregon to CA. I paid a few hundred on each end for movers to load and unload.

The best answer to your question is, it varies. Any quote you get without someone physically looking at the job is pure speculation, & is not worth anything. Pictures or a video would help, but they can not be used to replace a good look-see. No mover worth using would waste their time giving you a quote over the phone or internet without a site visit.

Location, (city, state, nation), what is the shortest distance the truck +/or the container can physically get to the house, how many stairs & how steep are they, what makes up the majority of this “house shit”, is it already boxed, or is that also needed, these are a few of the many questions that need answered to give you a “ballpark” quote on this job.

I understand your frustration, I am a bit surprised that no one that you contacted has relayed this to you. You have contacted someone right? If not, most moving companies will come out, look your site over & give you a quote free of charge. The good ones will also tell you what you can do to make the packing easier for them & thus cheaper for you.

IHTH, 48.

Anyone you decide to use should be vetted well before signing anything. This industry has a lot of disreputable actors in it. There are some great folks in this industry, but IMHO, they are the minority.

Get rid of as much stuff as you can, which isn’t a bad idea anyway; have a garage sale, give it to a thrift store, take it to an all-purpose consignment shop, use an auctioneer, or whatever works best for you. The fee will be a combination of mileage and weight.

When you start packing, you will realize just how much stuff you have that you don’t use, and I’m not talking about keepsakes, either.

It’s not so much the shipping or moving, as the packing, that I can’t get a good sense for.

In my experience, between $800 and $8000. Which I realize is unhelpful. How much stuff do you have (house size is NOT a good measure)? Is any of it fragile/bulky/heavy/otherwise hard to pack? How long do you want to give them to pack it? Are you using their boxes or not? Is it in packable condition? Is the stuff “in place”, pre-piled/sorted? Do you need cleaning services included and/or before/after? What do you need done with the inevitable stuff they can’t pack–flammable liquids, several chemicals, and some things that are going to surprise you (e.g. I had to move a bunch of art supplies myself because they can’t pack oil paints even in small amounts or many of the solvents). Will there be anybody there to supervise/organize/point them at the hidden alcoves? What’s the local labor market and competition level like?

All of that stuff matters for determining the number of people, schedule, insurance, etc. necessary. You MAKE me take a wild guess for a 1000 ft house? $1200. But the error bars on that guess are absolutely huge.

You want someone to go into your house without you there, pack up everything and move it someplace else? That’s going to be expensive, partly because they will pack everything even what seems obvious junk to you, just because they don’t know. If you can purge or identify the junk that will help as would if you can be involved in the packing.

The other part of having someone else pack stuff into boxes is that when people move they usually don’t unbox everything at once. So you need something and which box is it in? If you have sorted and packed the stuff yourself and labeled the boxes you can narrow it down.

So very definitely declutter, sort and pack up the rarely used stuff now.

Labeling which room each box will go into saves the movers a LOT of work, and you too. You would also need to agree on which bedroom is #1, #2, #3, etc. It’s also not a bad idea to start collecting bubble wrap and newspaper ahead of time; I got all of mine, and still do, at stores when they’re stocking shelves, and if you don’t need it, no big deal.

When I moved in 2012, I had the movers pack my TV and computer but did everything else myself. One of the first questions you will be asked is, “Do you have a piano or a pool table?” Both of those require certain things to be done in order to be safely moved, and there are people and companies specializing in this.

If you are talking about hiring professional movers: not too long ago we moved from a 900-square foot apartment, and we hired a moving company for about $8000. This was a long distance move so there really wasn’t any other practicable way to do it.

Distance matters, so if you’re not moving 1000 miles like we did, it wouldn’t be as expensive.

Generally, if you want someone to pack your things, it’s a per hour cost, per person. If you want them to supply the packing materials, there is additional associated for that as well.

My move cost about $3800 to pack and load.

I think you should find 3 or so movers (try Angie’s list or friends for recommendations), and have them come and give you quotes.

I’m a renter with a history of moving every 3-4 years, and for the past few moves I’ve been able to afford to have the company pack me (packing is the most stressful part of any move, for me). The last move – almost five years ago – was from a 1,000-sq-ft house to another 1,000-sq-ft house. I always get both “move” and “pack and move” estimates, and the latter is usually roughly double the cost of the former. I’ve also always been present for the packing.

First read of thread, was how much to load up a 1,000 sq. ft. home on a trailer and move it…

oh you mean the contents…much different answer. Good luck.

That’s interesting - I feel the opposite. I’d find it really stressful having strangers pack for me, not knowing if I can trust them to take adequate care or even whether they might steal small valuable items, and then not having a clear idea where to find things when I arrive.

Huh! I use the same company every time, so I trust them (they’d already moved me a couple of times before I ever hired them to pack for me). I’m also always present during the packing: I’ve never lived in a big place, so it’s generally easy to “supervise.” For whatever reason, I don’t really care about knowing exactly what’s in each box. I live alone, and unpacking never takes very long because I don’t have that much stuff. They put the living room boxes in the living room, etc., and they always mark the box with the Keurig in it. :slight_smile: I hate packing.