How much to spend on a bathroom?

We are remodeling an old bathroom with a new tub, vanity/sink plus new floor, tile, paint and general overall appearance. I want it to have a new, fresh, clean look to it. In our old one the tub leaked, the sinks didnt drain well, and the vanity looked very old. This house had 3 baths. A guest bath, the one in the master bedroom, and this one which would be considered a “kids” bath.

We are hoping to sell this house next year.

How much do you think a fancy bathroom adds to the value of a home? I can see spending lots of money on say a kitchen or maybe a deck but to me, the bathroom door tends to be closed most of the time and as long as its clean and functional does it really matter if the fixtures are gold plated?

My sense is that it’s more about how much a bathroom that clearly needs renovations will detract from the price you can get for the house.

I’d find a realtor with a good local track record, and ask her for her opinion.

Lists about 35 projects and their return on investment. Breaks it down by regions of the US.

I wouldn’t spend a ton of money on it, as it’s not a big return item. But a shabby bathroom with stained tub, etc. may lead a buyer to present a lower offer, since he knows he’ll have to do a reno.

If the tub is stained, you can get it professionally repainted for a few hundred dollars. Paint the walls, of course. If the flooring is ratty, replace it. You can update sink fixtures to shiny new ones for very little money. Same with the vanity. Go for clean and bright instead of expensive, and leave a major reno for the new owner.

Search online for comparable listings in your area (think square footage and floorplan rather than price) and view photos of their bathrooms. You want to keep it in the same state, but not fancier, than theirs. This can tell you whether you need to do granite and chandeliers, or Formica and vinyl floors.

The upscale numbers are REALLY upscale. For Miami, it lists a bathroom remodel at $50k and a kitchen remodel at $100k.

We certainly have people in that price range, but they are the 1%.
I’m amused that it lists a basement renovation too. Not many basements in South Florida, but I guess if you have one, you might renovate it.
All that being said…if you don’t go overboard on it, a bathroom remodel can be roughly neutral.

Thanks for the info.

My philosophy is KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. Dont put too much into it, just make it look good.