Bathroom Remodel for Newbie Homeowner

I just bought my very first house - a colonial built circa 1750. It’s clearly been redone in the past as I have a small 3/4 bath (sink, shower, toilet) off the master bedroom. The bathroom isn’t very big - maybe 6x10 (I’m not at home so I can’t measure) and desperately needs redone. It currently has a modular shower in it which I’d like to replace with a tile one. The vanity and toilet also need replaced, the floor retiled, and a medicine cabinet put in (I have three bathrooms and not a single medicine cabinet - what’s up with that?).

Being as I’m not even remotely handy and live by myself, I’m going to have to hire someone. Since I’ve never done anything like this before, I was wondering how much to budget for it. I don’t want to go uber high-end but want it nicely done.

Thoughts? Ideas? Advice?

I just had 2 bathrooms remodeled - the one in the basement sounds exactly like yours. My contractor charged $2,200, and I bought the materials myself, which ran to about another $1,200 at Lowes (tile, cement backerboard, vanity, mirror, lights etc…).

On edit - I also had to buy the framed shower door/enclosure. Bought this and had it installed from a local glass company that specialized in showers - this cost about another $700 installed.

Also, get estimates! get at least 3 - more is better. Make sure they are itemized so you know EXACTLY what you are getting for your money. Don’t assume they will paint etc… make sure! You want to compare apples to apples when comparing estimates.

Don’t go with the cheapest unless you have reason to believe the work won’t be crap (i.e. they have done work that you can inspect for people you know etc…).

We kept our modular shower, I don’t like it but I hide it behind the shower curtain. First, it was too big to pull through the doorway in one piece. Second, we feared the nasty floating particles (asbestos? fiberglass?) if we chopped it up.

If you go with tile, I would go for large squares, not subway tile though I like the look. Just think of all the crevices to keep clean!

Do you have a theme in mind? vintage, modern, country kitsch, outhouse colonial (:D)?

We used some vintage pieces, claw foot tub that we bought cheap ($90) but had reglazed and a vintage medicine chest ($45) that needed the lamps rewired.

For one floor I found a good vinyl remnant cheap, splurged on Armstrong for the other floor. White toilets and sinks and vanities from Loews, the vanities are just boxes really, but we found them with the wainscot doors for the cottagey look we were going for. Inside are expandable shelves from BB&B.

After the remodel I wanted to make sure we did not encourage clutter creep on the sinks and stuff. So there is a glass shelf below the medicine chest that holds the small jars, and trays of stuff we like to keep handy.

I found some towel bars and such at BB&B on sale so I went a little crazy but who hangs just one towel at a time? Double up on the towel bars, add some hookd for clothes and robes. Use the wall space for storage, shelves or a cupboard can hold extra towels or supplies.

As you can tell we did it ourselves, took forever, but glad we had the time to find the fixtures we wanted and to add the details that sprung to mind as we went forward.

Overall it shouldn’t cost that much to hire it out, I would think no more than 5k should do it.

Thanks everyone. I’m cool with buying the stuff myself as long as someone tells me what to get. I don’t really have a style in mind but it should probably be vintage looking as modern would definitely not go with the house. And the bathroom is already country kitsch hence the remodel!

Gaaaaaaaa! I didn’t think about having to get the modular shower out - it’s definitely not going to fit through the door. I wonder how they got it in…

Yah, about $5K should be the maximum including materials.

I went to Lowes with my contractor, I picked out the fixtures, vanity, toilet, tile etc… while he picked up the other stuff - wood, backerboard, various sundry supplies etc…

Your contractor will get the shower out - that $5K should include demolition. its not a big deal, that’s what sledgehammers were made for!

Good luck. Remodeling sucks.

Ikea Ikea Ikea.

And Angie’s list.