How much to tip movers

For the first time I have hired other people to pack my stuff for moving. Before this I’ve packed it all myself and had family help me move. So I have no idea how much to tip professionals. How much would you tip a 3 man team to pack a not very full 2 bedroom apartment and load the stuff on a truck? It’s an interstate move so I assume it will be a different bunch of guys unloading it.

In the past I’ve tipped $10/person for a short move and $20/person for a longer one, but I have no idea if that’s a “proper” amount or not (and in retrospect, the amount of work the actual loaders/unloaders do is independent of distance, anyway.)

I kinda feel that the $10/person was a little cheap, but they acted appreciative.

$10-20 per guy, plus some pizza/bottled water if it’s around lunchtime. Donuts/bagels/McDs breakfast sandwiches if in the AM.