How much uncommitted stimulus funding is there?

I think the title says it all.

I’m talking about federal (US) stimulus plans that have been enacted over the last 2-3 years. I think TARP qualifies but I’m willing to be corrected.

Keep in mind that there were a lot of multi-year grants out there that won’t have more than 40% spent, but will have no problem at all spending their money when the time comes. (Many of these grants don’t report “committed” amounts, because they’re still somewhat fluid.)

Thanks for the info. From the graph it appears that about $40 billion has not yet been “made available” and about $114 billion more has not yet been “paid out”.

Anybody know what the definition of “paid out” means? The cynic in me wants to think that it could mean “transferred to another government agency for them to make available and pay out”.

TARP is completely different, since it was a loan and has mostly been paid back. It doesn’t make sense to say how much is unused or uncommitted.

Sort of. The glossary lists “paid out” at the bottom as a synonym for “Gross Outlay”. The way all federal grants I’ve worked with have worked is strictly on a reimbursement basis only. The feds have never sent money to the city for expenses that had not yet been incurred.