How much would you expect to pay someone to paint these walls?

We’ve run up into a bit of a time crunch on something, and I was thinking about just going ahead and hiring someone to do this. We just need about 560 square feet of wall to be painted white. We have the paint. Two coats will be needed.

But painters don’t want to say how much it would cost over the phone–they need to come out and see the job first, and understandably aren’t even willing to ballpark it.

You guys, not selling your services to me, may be in a better position to ballpark it! :slight_smile: I just need to know like within the nearest $100 (or so) how much I should expect to pay if I were to hire someone to do this, so I can figure out ASAP whether it’s feasible and worth it.

Depends on where you are, but I recently had some painting done in the DC area for $150. So my guess would be somewhere between $100-$200. I think if you can get a guy off CL, you can get someone for around $20/hour.