Interior house painter - per hour rate

What’s a reasonable per hour rate to pay an experienced interior house painter? I know it will vary, but just looking for a realistic range. As a for instance, would $65/hour be within the realm of reasonableness? Thanks.

Yes, if he is painting a replica of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

I paid $35 per hour 6 months ago.

Seriously? Wow, I should become a house painter. I have lots of experience. It’s really not that hard. I was expecting more like $15-18.

Depends in part whether or not paint is included in that price.

For just labor, no, $65 is not in my opinion reasonable. If the painter is also supplying sufficient paint for a primer coat and two color coats, maybe, because quality paint does cost a little bit.

Actually, around here it’s more common for interiors painters to offer a flat rate based on square footage to cover rather than an hourly rate. That way there is no penalty for finishing early, and no incentive to drag out the job.