How not to sell goods (Office Max)

I wanted to buy a cheap sd card. I did some searching, and on the Office Max web site I found they had the Lexar 32 mb sd card for $14.99 after a $15 instant rebate. Good enough.

The nearest Office Max store is almost 20 miles away, but it’s a lovely day for a drive, so off we go. When we walk into the store we find it is TOTALLY empty of customers other than ourselves, but with three clerks shuffling merchandise around and one cashier. The sd cards are (reasonably) kept locked up.

After waiting in vain at the camera/pda/memory card counter for a while I start chasing down clerks. First guy: not my department, and I don’t know who is supposed to cover it. Second clerk: does not appear to speak or understand English. Third clerk: ask the manager. Where is the manager? I don’t know. Right.

Go to the cashier, ask for help with the memory cards. He pages Mr. XXXXXX. Time passes. After five minutes, I ask again. Second page. Time passes.

Apparently he saw I was getting peeved, so he used the phone to make a call to some number, apparently got an answer, and we had a little ‘conversation’ with the cashier acting as a relay to establish precisely what I wanted.

Nearly ten minutes later a man in a suit popped out from a door, handed something to the clerk, and immediately vanished without even making eye contact with me.

“Here you go,” the clerk says, and hands me the item.

Well, it was actually the right item – but it was in packaging that had clearly been ripped open. IOW, likely something that had been returned.

I point this out to the cashier, and ask that he call whoever that was back and have him bring out another package, one that was still sealed.

Heavy sigh from the clerk. Phone call. He tells us the other guy says “Oh, the seals get broken in shipping all the time.” I call bullshit – this wasn’t a snapped piece of plastic tape, this was a cardboard folder that had clearly been ripped open, jaggedly, by some human. Cashier talks to other guy a while, hangs up, says he’ll bring another ‘right away.’

Five minutes later, suit-guy brings out another, and again hands it to the cashier and vanishes. (What, does this guy fear contact with genuine customers?) The new package is sealed. Fine.

Cashier rings up the item – at full price. I tell him that it is supposed to have an instant rebate, according to the company website.

“Oh,” he says, “we don’t always have the same sales as the web sites.”

Pause. I point out that the website clearly said the item was available at that price for either mail order OR pickup at the store.

Cashier: “Do you have a print out of the page?”

In fact, I didn’t. My printer is out of ink right now, I’d just writing down the sku and such.

Cashier: “We don’t have to honor the price unless you have a printout.”

Right. I remember that they had a computer set up and running, in the front of the store but on the other side from the cashier. I go over to it. Yes, it has an internet connection. I surf to the web page, and find the listing. But…there’s no printer hooked up.

I go back to the cashier, and ask him to go look at the screen to confirm I am not inventing this offer. He refuses. I point out it’s only about 20 feel away. Cashier says he can’t leave the register. Remember, me and hubby are the only two customers in the entire store – he’s not going to inconvenience a line of angry customers.

Okay, I say, how about you call up the guy who brought out the card and ask HIM to go look at the screen?

Cashier calls him. More conversation. Bottom line: the other guy refuses, and cashier says it wouldn’t do any good anyway, they had to have a printout.

I give up and tell hubby let’s go and we head towards the door.

Cashier calls out, “Don’t you want the card?”
Oh, yes. Absolutely. I want to pay twice as much for the card because of your store’s idiotic rules and unhelpful customer ‘service.’

Get stuffed.

Apparently there was a reason you two were the only customers in the store…

Was this a weekend or a weekday?

DAMN that’s some bad treatment!

Have you thought about sending a letter? They ought to hear this.

Whew! that’s pretty damn bad. I just thought of a way to really fuck with a crap ass staff like that. Go “shopping”. Take a cart or two, and fill the fucker up with hundreds of different items from all over the store, just grab things willy nillly off the shelves, then leave.

Normally, this would be a very mean thing to do to a bunch of blameless minimum wage worker bees. In this case, I’d say they are anything BUT blameless, let them spend a few hours getting all the stuff you piled up back on the shelves.

I would have raged againt thier machines. Accidents do happen.

Many office “super” stores are everything but.

Staples always gives me a problem with getting copies (and now that most independent stores have been driven out there is not much choice.)

The first time I had a problem I called the 800-number. All I got was, “I’m very sorry about that.”

Second time it happened I called them from inside the store. I was nice to the person on the phone but I explained that I was not leaving without the copies I needed. It worked.

Hope that helps for next time.

This is a complete contrast to my own Office Max experience.

I Froogled for a good price on a TV–Stereo, DVD, VCR, 20 inch.
To my suprise, the best price was at Office Max. I didn’t even know they sold TVs.
$40 less than the next best price in local stores.
So, I went to the OM.
I got the item, at the listed price, no problem.
They even shlepped it out to the car for me.
Then, my Dad says that if had known, he could have gotten me an additional discount.
Still, he gives me the coupon.
Sure enough, with the coupon & my reciept, I get the discount. An extra $35 off, plus less sales tax (very high rate, here in TN).

All with no problems. :cool:

What was the problem? Were you trying to copy a copyrighted thing? Because that’s the only thing I can think of that would mean they couldn’t run your copies.

Also, technically if you don’t leave they can have the police remove you.

No, it was a document I wrote.

I needed a fair amount of copies and most machines were out of order. Of the two working copiers, one needed paper and the other jammed after about ten copies. I know how to fix a paper jam, but there were tons of notices asking customers not to open the machines. I could have been on fire and not attracted a glance from anybody who worked there. The person who worked on copy orders would not do anything. The cashiers paged a manager that never showed up. I went in an hour and a half before they close and this took 45 minutes. I just needed 60 more copies and I was not going to waste any more time to not get my copies done.