How not to write a review.

I wanted to know how a wacom tablet’s pen works without a battery. so I googled it. And this was one of the first links…

My eyes and brain hurt. And I didn’t even read it!

Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww! The reviewer obviously needs to understand the concept of paragraphs, even to break up the text if not necessarily for meaning but just periodically to make it easier to read.

I scanned down to the bottom and saw that he gave the tablet 5 out of 5. Since I am interesting in purchasing a Wacom soon and figured he has a lot of good info that he took the time to write out, this is what I did:

Highlighted all of his review. Copied and pasted it into a Word document. I plan to go through is and insert my own paragraphs every few lines or so so I can read it.

Problem, for me anyway, solved. :smiley:

Most of the time when I have to read a paragraph on the computer that is just to long for my eyes to follow, I highlight sections. This one was just too too much.

Ah, memories… When I was about eight or nine all the kids in my class at school wrote like that - except me, who, being the smart kid, wrote in paragraphs. I remember being sneered at by the class bully for “wasting paper”.