How often are adults supposed to get Covid booster shots?

I was seeking an acquaintance on facebook, and checked his page. Apparently, he died about a year ago, from complications of covid.
He wasnt vaccinated.
He was 30.
I had my original 2 shots almost 2 years ago. Never had a booster.
Should I get one?

Yes, you should.

Yes, you should the the new bivalent booster that came out last fall. And you should keep up with the new boosters as they become available. Do you get annual flu shots as well?

I always get flu shots.

Did they offer you a Covid shot when you got your flu shot?

I don’t think so. If my doctors office doesn’t, where would I go?

Try the place that gave you a flu shot. Most Rx stores have them. Honestly it’d take only 5 minutes to look up sites in your area. :man_shrugging:

As @chela notes, many pharmacies offer them. Around here, both CVS and Walgreens offer COVID boosters (along with other vaccines). Check out the websites for your local pharmacies.

Thanks. I’ll be doing that soon.

As mentioned, most pharmacies. I got several of my Covid shots at Walmart. Locally to me, Kaiser has a dedicated facility for providing both Covid and flu shots (got my flu shot there), but I think you have to be a Kaiser member to use that.

CVS and Walgreens both got vaccine directly from the federal govt at the start of the pandemic. I bet they still do. So they are good bets. Most hospitals are also set up to give covid vaccines.

This site might be helpful

Around here, there are also many independent non-chain pharmacies that offer easy-peasy walk-in COVID shots without an appointment. I can’t imagine that’s rare nationally, but it might vary state-to-state. Worth calling around to check – you can make the entire booster process really effortless and quick if your local independents are offering them.

In addition to CVS & Walgreens, around here all the major grocery store chains that have in-store pharmacies have COVID shots available at those pharmacies. Walk-in basis, no appointment necessary.

Finding a vaccination is NOT hard these days.

My first vaccine involved refreshing a page every few minutes for days and then being able to schedule a vaccine three weeks later. My second was easier. The last two I just walked up to the counter and asked, in and out.

Ah, good times. Good times.

In addition to pharmacies and Walmart (and Sam’s Club), around here 2 out of 3 of the biggest grocery stores offer covid boosters too. Shaws is a store also in other parts of the US, and I believe Hannaford is called Food Lion outside of New England. You close to either of those?

Also Costco.

No. But I am near a Walgreens, CVS, and Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle definitely has them.

According to this CDC website, you need another booster if it has been more than 2 MONTHS since your last one!