How often do you check your phone messages?

If I notice you sent a text, I’ll probably reply fairly soon. However, given a good portion of my job is to play stage director to people recording academic lectures, my phone is completely silenced a good portion of the time. And usually I’m not quick to remember that, so it probably will be silenced the rest of the day.

The main thing I’ve always used my phone for is to check the time. Now that I’m retired, I’m usually at home and can look at the computer, or the microwave, or my alarm clock. So the phone’s battery might be dead for a day or two before I notice, and once I plug it in it may be three or four days before I remember to unplug it and put it back in my pocket.

And, of course, I’m not going to answer the phone when I’m driving.

And you friends know that. Because, they’re you’re friends. Just like my friends know never to call me, only text.

Must be at least three or four years since a friend called or texted me or I called a friend. And I don’t know my phone number, so if I’m going to be expecting a call from a pharmacy or doctor or someone else outside my family, I give them my wife’s number – she does answer her phone.

They are actually ideal for when someone can’t give an immediate response. For example, my organization has a part-time person who is also a school teacher. I know that on certain days of the week she’s teaching. I certainly don’t expect her to stop her lesson and say to her class, “excuse me a moment, kids, CairoCarol just sent me a text so I’d better read and answer it right now.”

However, I may not want to wait until she’s free to ask my question/send her info/whatever. Maybe at 3:30 when she’s done, I’ll be doing something else. So I’ll text her when it is convenient for me to do so, and she’ll answer when it is convenient for HER to do so. We’re all good.

Of course, in the example above, an email would be an alternative to a text. But she’s in the age group that seems to prefer texting (she’s 28 or 29). I think if I send her an email, she reads it on her phone most of the time anyway.