How often do you do drugs?

Just wondering who out there will admit to how often they do the drugs they do?
Personally i will smoke week once or twice a fortnight, do ecstasy once a month (at most), will do mushrooms and LSD whenever the chance comes up (2-3 times in the last year), and have done DTM once (but would do it again the next chance i got.)

One thing, this thread isn’t for responses of “I don’t do drugs” (or similar) or judging people that do.
It’s also not about advocating drug use.

Every day I get high on Lisinopril.
Actually, I get Low.

Shall i clarify and say illegal drugs? Or at least drugs which are illegal for you to take (so if someone is getting pepped up on legal drugs, but illegally, then it counts)

I don’t like anything that gets me down so I stay away from pot (sleepy!!) and downers, but I’ll do a couple lines here and there at very special occasions (like new years, wedding, etc.).
So, coke, maybe two or three times a year and the same with mushrooms. Don’t have an addictive personality, so the times I’ve tried narcotics I was able to walk away from it immediately afterwards. Mushrooms give a good body buzz and (aside from the yawns) make the night fairly interesting but not TOO interesting (like LSD).

Not counting the daily caffeine fix, none. For someone who had a pills, pot, and alcohol dependency, that’s pretty good.

So you cover not only mentioning that you don’t do drugs, but also mentioning that you do “normal” drugs.


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