Poll about illegal drugs

I was talking with a friend of mine recently and the topic of drugs came up. He asked me what drugs I have tried and as I told him his jaw dropped in shock. Not shock that I had tried drugs, shock that I had tried so many. Then it occured to me that all my friends back in my home town had done just as many drugs as myself. To be honest until this conversation with my friend the other day I just assumed that most people that had tried drugs had tried them all. Apparently I was wrong. So I was just wondering how many differant drugs the users of the SDMB have tried. I guess I’ll start.

specail K
all sorts of pharmisuticals

Theres probably more but that’s all I can think of right now. You can imagine my memory isn’t what it used to be.

I have had alcohol. I’m hardly a jackass about those who try illegal drugs, but I abstain.

I have drunk alcohol a few times. (I think the first time when I was 10, a neighbor girl brought over some Vodka, and we all took a sip. Vile, vile stuff.) I don’t drink. I don’t believe I have ever purchased an alcoholic beverage. Unless you count the tiny sample bottle of “Finandia” vodka I got at Trader Joe’s, because I have a thing about Jean Sibelius. (Please ignore the semi-obscure Classical music reference.) I never drank it, I just kept the unopened bottle around.

I’ve never tried any illicit drug, ever. It’s a matter of pride, actually. I’ve gotten a little bit of grief for it a few times. (No, I am not generally sanctimonious about my clean slate as far as drugs go. Just don’t try to foist the damned stuff on me.)

Uh, that should be “Finlandia” vodka.

meth (once, I promise)

All of these were in high school or 2-3 years after.

I have just been a drunk for the last 12 years. :smiley:

Just the first five on your list there.

Call me a traditionalist.

Although I am intrigued about this “alocohol”, of which you speak.

I’m boring. Alcohol and pot only.

I am always surprised to hear herion mentioned as if it’s a minor drug. I was always taught that it was the worst of the worst and one try would make you a junkie for life. I guess D.A.R.E. is more effective than I thought…

And based on what I’ve learned in my criminal justice class this semester, I now desperately want to try PCP. Apparently it makes you almost completely unstoppable. You could take a few rounds in the chest and keep on kicking (until, of course, you die from blood loss or some such thing). I’d put on a cape and be like a totally f’d up superhero, the strongest man alive. Unstoppable. Yeah.

Pot, hash, opium, coke(snorted, smoked, injected), meth, amphetamines, barbituates, muscle relaxers, pharmacutical pain-killers, acid and mushrooms, PCP, glue, gas, Krylon acrylic clear paint(whoa nellie!!!) and lots and lots of booze.

Hey, you asked.

Nothing. I even try to abstain from caffeine, as I notice so many people seem to be addicted to it. But hey, for a person who does no drugs, my life is pretty weird, what with all the cool out-of-body experiences that I’ve had.

The second hand smoke at rock concerts.


Neither anymore, and I do not consider myself boring at ALL.

Alcohol (although not illegal)
Pot (never called that on this side of the pond)
Mushrooms (only sorta illegal)
Poppers (does that even count?)

For quite some time, I’ve only indulged in booze and the occasional night on dope (pot). Now that I’m about to become a father for the first time, even those twin pleasures will become less frequent.

I have tried several.
There are a couple I would like to try which I haven’t.
There are several I will never, ever, ever, ever touch.
There is one I do regularly.

I am addicted to nicotine.

I very rarely drink alcohol.

special K

A long time ago and I don’t touch any now.

Oh, I found that having children made me hate these things with a passion. I’m very tempted to lock my daughters up until they’re eighteen :smiley: If I ever found out they were doing what I was doing at the age I did it I don’t know what I’d do!

I don’t do drugs in any way shape or form. I have drunk alchohol, and enjoyed it, but for various moral and philosophical reasons don’t any more. Hell, I even gave up caffeine because it was an addictive drug. (Anyone who knew me before I gave it up could tell you quite how much of a miracle that is :))

I know a fair number of people who have done Pot, fewer that have smoked cigarettes (odd, but true) and lots who drink. I don’t know anyone IRL who admits to having done anything harder, but there are some who it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

That being said, I have no problem with other people doing drugs. I think it’s a bad idea, but completely their business.

pot - yes
coke - yes
meth - yes
heroin - no
acid - yes
exstasy - no
PCP - no
specail K - no
all sorts of pharmisuticals - ohhhh yes, I’m on 'em right now :wink:
mescaline - no, but mushrooms (psilocybin)
GHB - no
alocohol - is Madonna Catholic? :smiley:

  • s.e.

Oh yeah, I forgot poppers. :wink:

  • s.e.

I used to go to Wendys for the straws.

Alcohol - on rare occasions and hardly ever more than one drink in an evening.
Gave up caffeine some months back.
Attempted to smoke a cigarette once - gagged for an hour.
Never tried anything else - never had any desire to try anything.

Well, except for chocolate…