What drugs have you tried

In the “traditional” sense that is. Technically alcohol is a drug but that’s not what I’m talking about (and just about everyone has tried alcohol anyway so what’s the point of putting it out there…).

Repeat: tried. Didn’t necessarily use a lot or become “addicted.”

In my youth, I had a strict rule. I wouldn’t “do” anything I couldn’t lay hands on. other than that, there were no rules back then. There actually were a few that never came within arm’s length, heroin and 'shroons are the only ones I can think of.

Everything on there except crack, heroin and ecstasy. So I voted “other”.

To pick an option not in your poll; None. Not even alcohol or tobacco; I’ve just never been interested.

You could choose more than one option.

Same. I haven’t done any drugs and have no interest in “experimenting”.

I ticked everything apart from crack, which is accurate. I can’t be botehred to list “other”, partly because I would probably miss things.

I am surprised that mushrooms are so unpopular, almost all drug takers my age have taken them. Maybe it is a historical accident - for a while, say when I was around 14 through to 20, you could buy refrigerated magic mushrooms legally in the UK from loads of places. Then the newspapers found out and it was ruined :frowning:

You poor guy.

Kidding…props to you, you’re better off.

Sometimes I amaze even myself.

D’ohh! :smack:

Every damn one of em.


He is certainly better off in the sense of avoiding addiction and so on that come with many drugs. However I genuinely believe that there are certain drugs that anyone who is interested in “stuff” (e.g. philosophy, politics, neurology and so on) - a category I include Der Trihs in as I see him as very intellectually curious would do well taking. Stuff like heroin not so much - anyone can have a reasonable intellectual idea of what euphoria is like. But something like feeling the room you are in is a billion times your size, a feeling of connectness with the universe, “understanding” that a wall is a banan skin and a gazillion other things - they just cannot be explained to someone who hasn’t experienced it. I can understand feeling that the risk isn’t worth it, but I personally hold that these experiences are enlightening.

Weed, coke, acid and shrooms. The only one I didn’t like is coke. Acid took too much out of me, one trip would knock me out for a weekend, and I wouldn’t do it again at my age.

Weed and shrooms I would do again in a heartbeat.

Another vote for none, if it was an option. The closest I have come is a taste of alcohol (wine of some sort) when I was a teenager, because my mother wanted me to try it at a holiday dinner (I didn’t like it, and that more or less turned me off from wanting alcohol). As for the other stuff, I had/have no inclination to try them, nor do I know where to access them if I wanted to (well, more of a matter of not trying to find out where to get them). I just might try one once on a dare if there was a lot of money, etc, involved, but again I am not one to take on dares like that (or have had one proposed to me).

None, though I was in the room with some weed once. It smelled foul and made my eyes water, but I’m not sure whether or not I actually got anything resembling a mild high, but I don’t think it counts as “trying it.”

I’d probably try LSD once given the opportunity and right circumstances, but I’m not going to ever go hunting for it.

I’ve never been stupid enough to use any of the drugs on that list, or any others.

All in the past, due to drug laws and my liking my nursing license, but…

My “others” would be opium (like smoking a sweet hug), hash (niiiiice), mescaline (did almost nothing; it was like really weak pot; I think it was a shit batch) and ketamine - but the ketamine was NOT my idea or intention. It was slipped to me in a drink, and about the scariest fucking thing I’ve ever experienced. Thank gods my friends were watching out for me and kept those two asshole guys away from me as soon as they figured out I was way too “drunk” for the beer and a half I’d consumed that night. I was so incoherent it wasn’t until much later that a drug connoisseur friend was able to help me figure out what it was, based on the distinctive “stacking” visual hallucination it causes.

Does kava kava count? I’ve taken enough of it to get the drunk euphoric effects, but not quite to the leg weakness extreme.

Someday I’d like to try datura, but only with an experienced shaman guide in a sacred setting. Ditto ayahuasca.

I don’t think I’ll ever do LSD again. Not that it was bad, just too intense and made me feel out of control. I hated not being able to go to sleep when it got to be too much.

I won’t try stimulants 'cause I just don’t “get” them; I’m an oxytocin fan, not an adrenaline one.

I won’t try heroin because I know I’ll like it far too much. Perhaps when I’m a little old lady and addiction won’t ruin my life or the life of my family.

I never tried new-fangled drugs like crack or ecstacy. If it was around in the 70s, I had a taste.

I’ve never used any illicit drugs. But I did quite enjoy Demerol once on a trip to the Emergency room. So very good. So very nice. Oh, yes. So warm and yummy.

It’s good thing subsequent visits didn’t use it.

Don’t ask why there were subsequent visits.

So what were the circumstances which led to your initial experimentation with these substances, and why have you never been in such circumstances since? If the experience was so enjoyable?