How often do you sleep in?

I have been retired now for 4 years. I just realized this morning, well I was reminded that I have never once slept in. Until 3 months ago I was always up and out of the house by 5:30 am. I recently moved that back to 6:30 am so I could spent more time chatting with the SO over coffee.

  I have a shop a few blocks from my house and I come over here and have my coffee and goof off till about 2 pm everyday, I think it makes me feel like I am going to work. 

 How often do you sleep in?

I have a 4 year old. So, not in 4 years.

Before that, I would often sleep till 6:30-7 on weekend days when I didn’t work, but very rarely really late. I would, however, go back to bed around ten.

I’ve been retired for 25 years. Sleeping until 7 is rare.

Every week-end. But I also go back to bed after getting the youngest off to school. It could be 5 minutes or 4 hours later… I like my naps. Mainly because I can only sleep about 5 hours a stretch. On the week-ends when I actually sleep in I pay for it with kidney pain (kidney reflux sux).

If not for the kids, I could easily be in bed until 9ish on the weekends. But then I don’t go to bed (left to my own devices) until 1-2am so I don’t really consider it “sleeping in” when it’s the same 6-8hrs of sleep, just time shifted from the norm.

I sleep like crap, so pretty much never. On that rare once in a blue moon type of nights I may get a whole nine hours of sleep.

My sleep habits are quite varied these days, and have been for years – since 2000 really, when I left work for good.

Before leaving my job for the last time, I had worked all sorts of hours and my sleep rhythms were adjusted several times.

Now it’s rare for me to be in bed “for the night” before 1:00 AM but I’m usually there by 3:00 AM. I usually wake up as early as 6:00 AM but can go as late as 9:00 AM on a “normal” night. It’s usually a 5-7 hour sleep regardless of when it starts and stops.

The “sleeping in” I do indulge in these days usually comes on Saturday or Sunday when I’ll sleep till 10:00 AM or later. But that’s nothing like a regular occurrence. If I had to pin it down (as the OP suggests) my guess is that I “sleep in” maybe once or twice a month, if you accept the provisos I have alluded to.

About once a year, apparently my body is extremely conscious that December 3rd is a holiday and Will Not Wake Up at the usual time of 5pm (earlier if sunrise is earlier).

I think my internal clock is wrong inna head, personally.

Very rarely. I have a hyperactive son, so I pretty much wake up when he does, on our off days.

Almost never. Mornings and evenings are my favorite times of the day.

Even if I’m late night partying, I’m more likely to still get up early and take a nap later rather than sleep in.

Almost every single day! I have always been more of a night than a day person. Now that I’m retired (yipeee!) I stay up as late as I darn well please and generally wake up before noon, unless I have a specific reason to be up early.

I’ll bite…I sleep in as often as I can.

I’m a night person in a world of morning people who smugly say “How can you sleep so late…half the day is gone!”

My 70-year-old dad wakes up before dawn and goes out to ride 20 miles without even breaking a sweat. He’s already back from his bike ride before 6am.

Me? If I don’t have to get up for work or church then I’m sleeping until 10 or 11, any day I can. When on vacation the sluggish getting up process can take until after noon.
With that said, when I went to a 24h gym I would often go for a late-evening ten-mile run and get home at 11pm…Sadly, the Y closes at 10 around here.

I have a dog that likes getting up early. So, basically, it’s been a while.

Every weekend and I get every other friday off, so five times every two weeks.

If I’m lucky, once a week. Even on a long weekend like this, I’ll still usually wake up at 5-5:30 and not be able to get back to sleep even if I don’t intend to get up until at least 7:00. If I manage to sleep in until 7-ish, I’m happy.

Saturdays. I just got up 20 minutes ago (~1:50 pm). M-F is work, and Sunday is church. I treasure that Saturday rejuvenating sleep.

On vacation, I stay up super-late and then sleep till 1:00 or 2:00. I think I would follow this pattern in retirement too. I look forward to 20 years from now when I can find out for sure.

Heh. Yeah. I don’t care, I enjoyed that sleepy time! Although against my will I have had to get up for a Saturday morning appointment a couple of times lately and they’re right. I got all kinds of stuff done and it was only noon. Still not worth it.

Every day.

I am not a morning person to make the understatement of the year. My preferred sleep schedule is 4 am to noon or 1 pm (that is what I did today because it is a weekend). I finally got a job 6 years ago with sensible hours. I am on call most of the time but only have to be on-site by 10 am and it is 28 miles away. Thanks to Eisenhower, I can wake up at 9:20 am, take a shower, dress and be there exactly on time almost every time.

I suffered through early schedules all through high school and many jobs and I am simply not doing it again. It makes me physically ill over time and I have never adjusted to it well. That isn’t a failure of will on my part. It is just the way my body works.

I am not an activist type in general but that is my one true cause - discrimination against those with alternate biological clocks. I am awake as many hours a day as anyone else but it is offset. I find it extremely difficult if not impossible to fall asleep before 1 am let alone 10 or 11 pm like many people do.

It takes all types though. If you want someone to show up at 7am every day to do a routine job, I am not your guy. However, I am the person that you can call at midnight to take care of something complicated because that is when I am at my most alert.

There is nothing special about the early morning hours as opposed to the very late night. Both of them give you quiet time to do things when there aren’t many other people are around. My body just strongly prefers the latter.

My circadian rhythm is pretty strong - it’s very rare for me to be in bed after 6 AM - I get up before 5 to go to work, but even during my brief retired days, I didn’t sleep in. UNLESS I’ve had a bad night of frequent wakings and such - then I might be abed till 9. But, honestly, if I sleep past 7, I feel like I’ve wasted a big chunk of my day. And by 9PM, I’m ready to crash.

Yeah. I usually have to let the dogs out, and they are pretty good about keeping it right about 8 am. Every now and then I get a break. I slept in till 11 a few days back!

I wake every morning between 05.15 and 05.30. I am not retired, but this time does not matter whether I need to go to work or not.