How often do you weigh yourself?

My answer: at least three times a day.

Me: seasonally.
My gf: daily.

I weigh daily as part of hydration control but the Saturday morning weight is the one I record.

It used to be once per week, every Thursday at noon, on a hospital scale. Now that I expect to be disappointed in what I see, I kind of avoid it altogether.

I don’t own a scale. If I owned a scale, twice a day.

Never. I own a scale for weighing my luggage when I travel. I do not find my own weight to be useful information. However, barring pregnancy, my weight has not altered significantly in, um, about 25 years. My height hasn’t changed either so I don’t have a height measure on the wall.

The only person on earth interested in my weight is my doctor and he has his own scale.

Why? Is it just idle curiosity, or do you expect to get useful data? Your body weight fluctuates so much over a 24-hour period I don’t see how weighing yourself three times a day could produce anything but semi-random noise.

Anyhoo, since I started keeping track, I weigh myself exactly once per week, every Sunday morning. I don’t find that anything more frequent than that produces meaningful data.

Every few days… or whenever I notice the scale and get curious. Try to keep it above 155.

I don’t own a scale. I occasionally weigh myself at my friend’s house, so maybe once every couple of months? I don’t need to know what I weigh, I just pay attention to how I feel and how my clothes fit.

Daily. I’ve gotta work hard to maintain, and bust my ass to lose. Weighing myself every day keeps things real… lets me keep tabs on regular fluctuations, so they don’t freak me out.

I admit, I’m overly obsessed. Also, the scale’s right there in the bathroom…it’s just easy to hop on every time I’m in there. However, I don’t pay much attention to the minor fluctuations.

Once or twice a month, usually to confirm my impression that I’ve been eating more or less than usual.

Once a week, for my personal logging purposes: and the first Monday of every month, for our Fitness Challenge at work.

Until recently, pretty much never. Lately, however, my wife has become “concerned” about my weight (which has been pretty much the same all of my adult life). Apparently I’m too thin at 6’2" and 150 pounds. So I’ve been trying to gain weight, and checking my progress, which is minimal.

once or twice a year.

Don’t own any scales, so only when I am at the doctor’s office.

Once or twice a year.

They always ask if I want to take off my shoes and coat, I always say, “Nah.”

If I break 115 lbs, I do the happy dance, and make a lot of ‘Yeah, Baby’ sounds!

They find this endlessly amusing at the doctor’s office. I suspect they are used to other responses being the norm.

Only every month or so, but I always wear the same belt, am acutely aware of its fit and celebrate punching a new hole into it as a milestone.

Every morning. I don’t note it down but it lets me keep tabs on how I’m doing (I keep my weight very stable, about 170-172). I still go to weekly Weight Watcher’s meetings so there’s a written record there.

Basically it keeps me honest and helps me stay on track with a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, I weigh myself every few days. I started a diet and exercise program about 10 weeks ago and I am anxious to see if all my hard work is paying off.

Normally I weigh myself very rarely… which is why I now am on a diet and exercise program…

Weekly, unless I have sinned badly in the diet department during the preceding week.