How often does your tummy rumble and why?

Has your tummy ever sometimes made some really crazy sounds, or has it just started grumbling a lot? If so, what causes it to do so and how often does this happen? I want to know the biological reasons as to how it can make such crazy noises. It’s awesome what the body can do, but the digestive system can sometimes be like an Orchestra i guess.

The sounds are from the chewed food/gastric juice slurry, known as chyme, being pushed out of stomach and along through the intestines by peristaltic/rhythmic squeezing of intestinal walls. Since there is air usually mixed in with that, it can sound ‘bubbly’ as well as ‘squirty’ as it moves along and separates and re-mixes.
Another interesting thing is that a healthy person’s belly is almost always making sounds. If you ever notice, most physical exams have the Nurse/Doc do a quick listen of the belly for bowel sounds. When no bowel sounds are present, its a pretty good indicator something is going/gone wrong for some reason.

Could be psychosomatic. You having problems ?

For me, my consumption of sugar-free mints, gum, candy seems to trigger it. We don’t seem to digest these sugar alcohols used as sugar substitutes (sorbitol, xylitol etc) very well.

The noise actually comes from our small intestine.

The medical term is a great word - “Borborygmus”.

It’s available as a username.


We all get borborygmus at some time or another. If you get it regularly or it lasts for several days then probably some element of your diet is interacting with some underlying condition.

That unfortunately could be any of dozens of food items or ingredients and any of dozens of conditions. Trying to pin down one food is a good way to start. Remember that foods can stay in your body for up to 48 hours so look at everything you eat, not just the last meal.

If it’s occasional and doesn’t interfere with quality of life, then you can just live with it. Like everybody else.

My experience has been that tummy rolling sounds indicates a need for a bathroom break.

Usually a urgent need because it’s loose.

Anyone else hearing the song ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ substituting this new (to me) word)?

I don’t notice it during the day when there are other external noises going on, but I do notice when I lay down in the evening. I always assumed it was a precursor to gas.

The scansion is different.

It is gas. Just farther up.

we have an active poster, Borborygmi

A common cause is excessive swallowing of air into the stomach. Either this air comes out again (burping) or it is pushed along in&o the small intestine (where it eventually comes out the other end as gas). It’s the movement into & along the small intestine that causes the noises.

Swallowing air can be a result of eating too fast, gulping & not chewing your food enough, or even just the way some people eat. Not too serious, belly rumbling & more gas are just annoyances.

P.S. Horses do this deliberately (intentionally swallowing air), usually as a result of confinement, stress & boredom. It’s a common vice, called ‘cribbing’.