How old am I?

“I’m in a committed relationship, fuck off.”

(It’s non sequitur Wednesday.)

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

Having a bad morning. My apologies.

I tend to say whatever age my birthday in the current year will bring me to. My birthday is in May, and I’ve been saying, “I’m 59,” since January 1st even though I wasn’t until May.

me too!

I pick my birth year and count…well…I try to count!:smack::eek:

Cut off my arm and count the rings!

You give the age that you currently are. There’s no need to be more precise unless you’re under ten or over ninety;

54 and a half.

Or 110000. Nothing says you have to use base 10.

48, of course. Conversationally, I might say “I’m turning 49 this/next month.” But for any forms that need my age, it’s 48. And if my conversational reply doesn’t satisfy your “simple” and “succinct” parameters, then “almost 49.” If you force me to pick one number without qualifiers, then 48. Why would it be otherwise?

For kids there are reasons to point out that their birthday is coming up soon because a year’s difference can matter. A child almost 13 can be treated like a teenager even if they haven’t hit the magic mark yet. For an adult turning 39 in couple of months really doesn’t matter and there wouldn’t much reason to mention it.

That’s what I do too unless it’s for something official, like a medical form.

I tell them what my mother says, I’m 702 months.

Really? You aren’t joking?

I know exactly how old I am. Always have. It’s like remembering that it’s 2016. You just internalize that I’m xx years old.

You’re only twenty?

I say, “Age is just a number…and mine is unlisted.” That tells them I’m old enough to remember unlisted numbers, for one thing.

Actually, I just give the number, more or less. One year I had a baby five days before my birthday so it was like I didn’t have one, so I was that age for like two years, because I couldn’t remember. (It’s the middle-of-the-decade years that get me. I do always know when the nines turn into zeroes.) But on the whole I don’t think a lot about how old I am.

You don’t get it. You see, the number changes every year. And you have to remember to add a year every birthday. Got other stuff on my plate. Don’t need to remember the age issue.

I can never remember, with absolute certainty, how old my son and daughter are.

When asked, I say they’re adults.

ETA: since they were pre-teens they’ve always sent me a text-reminder a week before birthdays. They know I’ll get them a nice gift if I remember.

My two boys started playing hockey when they were but wee little lads of 4 and 6.
Since youth hockey here goes by birth year, theirs are 1988 and 1990 respectively . That is how i remember their ages…nobody told me there was math involved with parenthood.

Yes, it is Korea.

“48,” “48 going on 49,” and “almost 49” would all be acceptable answers.

“49” would be incorrect, since the convention is to say how many complete years you’ve lived through. If you were turning 21 at the end of September, you aren’t legally allowed to tell the bartender “I’m 21,” even if it is your “average age.”