How old am I?

Background: I will be 49 at the end of September.
So during a casual conversation with a coworker today during lunch, he asked me how old I was.

I wanted to give a simple and succinct answer.

So should have I respond, “I am 48,” since I am living in my 48th year? Or should have I stated my average age, i.e. “I am 49”?

You’re in your 49th year actually, but your age is 48.

Convention is pretty much whatever age you were at your last birthday, unless it’s perhaps within a few days. So at 48 years and 11 months, you’re still “Forty-eight.”

Don’t the Japanese add a year, considering the time in utero?

For a casual conversation, you can say which ever the hell you feel like. If you are being questioned by a cop who is looking at your license, I would say “48, but 49 next month” lest you get accused of the robbery and murder at the liquor store around the block again.

You’re only as old as you feel.

1.5437 gigaseconds.

It’s a general Asian thing, which Japan has long abandoned, but I suspect you’re thinking of Korea.

It’s a difficult question. I usually can’t remember my age. Because it changes every year. And I just don’t keep track of it. I normally tell them the year I was born, and they can do the math.

You could either say “I’m 48” or “I’m turning 49 next month.”

Just say it this way, “I’m 48 of your Earth years old”.

Just say you’re 48. Saying what age you’ll be at some point in the future makes you sound like a toddler.

I round up and tell people I’m 100.

I hate when moms say, and it always seems to be moms, “she’ll be (age) in December.”
So? I didn’t ask that, I asked how old she is.
Tell them what you are now. I would never add a year on purpose, even if it will be true in a few weeks.

What the hell is a jiga-second?

I would asked the person how old they’re . :slight_smile:

What is one second for the Jigga, Jay-Z, is eons for mere mortals.

Whoosh! Remember in Back to the Future when Marty asked Doc, “What the hell is a jiga-watt?”

Not a whoosh, it didn’t reach 88 mph.

1.57 x 10[SUP]17[/SUP] shakes of a lambs tail. Or 3.05 x 10[SUP]-5[/SUP] parsecs in the Sol-centered Earth-moving reference frame.


1.28 kilofortnights. 7.71 meters of facial hair, using the standardized beard-second of 5 nm.