How old are you?

In an attempt to answer the question in this thread:

How old are you, rounded down to the nearest whole year?


Now that I’ve set up the poll, you need to click on the appropriate button.

Rounded down? I think I love you!

32, first in my age group!

27 in TWO DAYS!

Does anybody ever round up when asked how old they are?

I always thought it was custom to not claim that age until your birthday. I know that that’s how law enforcement looks at it when it pertains to drinking age or age of consent or drivers licence eligibility.

21! with a 98% probability

I will turn 49 on December 1st. Send cards!

Is that 21 (yay) or 21 factorial?

21!/20! (yay!)


Afraid I’m “rounding up” to another category in a couple of months. :frowning:

56, and just as wonderful as ever. Really.


Alas, I just moved from choice 3 to choice 4 last week.:frowning:

Born in '57.

Born in '60.



Welcome! Choice 4 is a great place to be. :smiley:

What year is it again?