How old are you?

2008 poll of doper birth years:

You forgot “None of your damn business!” :wink:

As always, Wikipedia has the answer. Would you rather AUC 2763 or Heisei 22?

Just turned 37.

27, but I just had to ask the wifey because I had a brain fart. :eek:

Voted, but had to do the math. “Born in… It’s currently 2010. It’s March. So that means…”


Just turned 47.

Just 3 months shy of 49.

Quite an old age group eh?

I’m 35.

39 and more than a little slightly freaked about my next birthday.


42, the meaning of life number.

Yes, it’s older than I expected. So far the average age is about 39 years.

  1. It scares me how fast I’m approaching 26.

51 and no longer relevant.

23 as of February 1.

(29) … Another 2 months and I could have been in the next bracket!

59 years, 3 months, 1 week.


31 here.

For some reason it surprises me that the 30s are less represented than both the 20s and 40s.

I’m a child of the 60"s, the very beginning of them.

I JUST turned 50…still look 49…and work harder and faster than most 29 yr olds!