Poll: Approximately how old are you?

…version 6141241, I bet. Unfortunately, I believe “old” and “age” are under the search string length limit.


a) 0-15
b) 16-22
c) 23-30
d) 31-40
e) 41-50
f) 50+

B for me. The crowd here seems to be absolutely ancient by my standards, based on the music mentioned, subjects discussed, and general vibe. Don’t get me wrong, all that is associated with a more intelligent atmosphere, but the culture shock is immense.

Erm, make f) 51+

Count me in as one of the ancient; (d).

But let me give you a tip. When you reach a certain age, you then pretty much think of yourself as “always” that age no matter what happens externally. For me it’s © - around 26 - when I finally felt I “knew” myself.

Culture shock is fine, welcome it! Age is only one of the possible excuses for thinking people have nothing in common, as I am finding on arrival here. But people have more in commonalities than differences if you keep your eyes open.


To be specific, I’m 46…and my DAUGHTER is older than the OP. :smiley:

But I don’t have too much more time left to enjoy this status…

Getting toward the tail end of (B).

d) for a while yet.

You’re younger than my little sister.

I fall under c). I’m 26.

It freaks me out sometimes when I notice that I have more in common with the d)s than the b)s. Of course, it occasionally goes the opposite way too.

This grown-up thing is unsettling. :wink:

(d). Thirty-four, to be exact. My experience is that there’s a very broad age spread on the SDMB, everyone from teens to seniors, which is part of what I like about it.

e) - I’ll be 50 on January 23.

Has the Party Committee reserved the Chippendales to entertain me? Or do I get an All-Doper-Guy Revue?? :eek: :smiley:

The young people keep getting younger. Herds of babygoths shock me with their sheer babiness.

d. here. The OP is indeed a child, significantly younger than my baby brother. I own paperback books that are older than you! :wink:

Another d) here, although on the young side of the range. I have no idea what I bring to the party. On the one hand, I’m married with a house, a car, a Government job and a baby daughter. On the other, I chase said wife around said house and fart on her when I catch her, to the amused shrieks of said daughter. I’m kind of a) with quite bit of f) thrown in.


I’m 46.

I’m at the very tail end of c).

Sometimes like a really cranky f.
sometimes act and laugh like an a.

manwithaplan that’s hell funny!! I’m going to try that when i get homefromwork. Then I’m going to pee on the plugged in toaster to see if the effect is the same i.e. i get damaged privates:D


b) (21 in January)

In the last phase of (d). And feeling every bit of it, tonight.