Old Folks: Stand and be counted

As of this hour 440 Dopers have responded to the Poll: How old are you? in
In My Humble Opinion
started 03-02-2010, 04:55 PM by Giles

The breakdown of the Over 50 crowd is:

50-59 years           61 13.86% 
60-69 years           23  5.23% 
70-79 years            2  0.45% 
80-89 years            1  0.23% 
90 years and older     1  0.23% 
                      88 20.00%

Voters: 440
This poll will close on 04-02-2010 at 05:56 PM

Even though the poll itself doesn’t identify respondents, I wonder who the 88 may be, and probably others in the Over 50 crowd who didn’t participate in the poll yet.

I’m 68 until December.

Help me decide that there have to be more than 88 Dopers over 50!

Most folks over 50 hate polls.

I’m 56, and I’m included in the poll count.

You can count me, but please don’t make me stand up too long.

I’m apparently not considered old folks! You have no idea how my day has been made! :smiley:

I’m 56 for a few more weeks. In the poll.

Save me a seat, I’ll be there is a few weeks.

I think Klondike Geoff is in his 80’s. I have no clue who answered 90+ – maybe it was a fib.

54 for a couple of more weeks.

For once, I’m the youngest person in the room–since I’m 50, the minimum age for this thread.

Proud member of the 1954 Doper gang…whoever we happen to be.

Check out this pivot table:

I’m 57 and I have the brain and body of a 25-year-old.

I’m telling where. The authorities might misunderstand.

Just turned 56. AND adopted the Firebug, currently two and a half years old, last year.

I don’t look or act my age, but my body feels a LOT older than it did this time last year!

Will not be allowed in gated, perfectly manicured, old-fart communities (55 and over) until late summer.

On my last birthday, I told my wife that I was reminded of the Paul McCartney song,

I’m only 37 in metric.

57, and just voted (so I’m not included in 50-59 number in the OP).

I’m 53 but already voted.

As of this post, 18 Dopers have replied to this thread. Here’s the group:

Twelve gave ages (or were easy to figure):

Freddy the Pig  50
BobLibDem       53 
koeeoaddi       54 
silenus         54  
Crotalus        56
Cicero          56 
blondebear      56   
RTFirefly       56 
RealityChuck    57
LurkMeister     57 
Giles           63 
Zeldar          68  

Klondike Geoff  80's (guessed by AuntiePam)

No age given:

Lanzy – Most folks over 50 hate polls.
NinetyWt – (nice graph!)
needscoffee – I’m only 37 in metric. (?)
DianaG – I’m apparently not considered old folks! You have no idea how my day has been made! (<50?)
AuntiePam – (thanks for Klondike Geoff 's age)
runner pat – Save me a seat, I’ll be there is a few weeks. (49?)

You misinterpreted – not that it matters much at my age, except on those magic birthdays when you start being eligible for “senior discounts” – I’m 64.