Old Folks: Stand and be counted

According to his profile, **KlondikeGeoff **was born August 10, 1927, which makes him 82.

Thanks. I fixed my summary file data accordingly.

You’re right. I read it as that you had just made it to 63. Thanks for the fix.

I’m technically 55 and three-quarters–but what’s a couple of months between friends?

51 here. I already voted.

Yep. I know what that’s like having to wait until December for the math to work. I go ahead and use 1942 for the arithmetic’s sake. But as you say, it’s all for charity anyway at this stage.

Oops. Didn’t realize I was supposed to give my age – I’ll be 65 this month and I have my Medicare card to prove it. As if the wrinkles and gray hair weren’t enough proof.

Over in my thread, you weren’t expected to, and most of those giving a choice in the poll did not reply to the thread giving their age.

Well, you didn’t really have to if you didn’t want to. But in an effort to see if we don’t actually have more than the 88 Dopers over 50 who took part in the poll before this thread went up, we need some evidence beyond just responding to this thread.

I’m comfortable with the ranges in the poll if that’s preferred.

In any event, thanks for the number.

Just voted now. 66 last Jan.

Voted earlier. 62.

I’m in the poll, I’m 52

I have a shiny newish Medicare card. I can’t possibly be this old, but everything still works pretty good and nobody believes me when I tell them I"m 65.

I’m 58, and I just voted in the poll, so I don’t show up in the statistics above.

But I don’t believe it - 1972 was a few months ago, at most.

Gee, QtM. I thought you were older – no doubt because of the sage answers you always give. You’re just a young whippersnapper like me. I will stop treating you with such deference from now on! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be getting my Medicare card later this year – 64 now, 65 in October. I believe I’m one of the 88 already counted in the poll.

– Ruby, certified geezer

There are a slew of us.

I’m 55 and had responded to the other poll.

Stand and be counted? Up yours, punk. I’m 57 and I’m sitting right here. You can damn well come over here and count me.

I’m 58, and am in the poll.

61 here.

Great responses, People!

Here are the poll stats for the Old Folks as of this hour:

50-59 years          75 15.24% 
60-69 years          28  5.69% 
70-79 years           2  0.41% 
80-89 years           1  0.20% 
90 years and older    1  0.20% 
                    107 21.74%
       Voters: 492

And here’s an update as of Post # 39:

Freddy the Pig       50
freckafree           51 
Qadgop the Mercotan  52 
BobLibDem            53 
koeeoaddi            54 
silenus              54 
blondebear           55 
twickster            55 
Crotalus             56
Cicero               56    
RTFirefly            56 
RealityChuck         57
LurkMeister          57 
kunilou              57 
Voyager              58
Colibri              58

Clothahump           61 
UncaStuart           62 
Giles                64 
Ruby Slippers        64 
AuntiePam            65
MemoryDump           65
gommsn               66 
Zeldar               68  

Klondike Geoff       82 

      Total   25

It would appear that 82 of the poll’s 107 “Over 49” respondents have yet to show up here.