In which 5-year period were you born?

As recently as How many Feb. 29s have you seen? and for at least as many times as mentioned in this post various threads have been posted to try to determine some measure of “average age” of Dopers.

The more successful ones, in terms of participants, have attracted over 600 people’s responses, but have narrowed things down to no closer than 10-year periods. Here’s another shot at the issue.

Public poll on the way. No closing date for the poll.

Given that you have to be at least 13 to sign up for this board, I don’t think you are going to get many answers that list 2006-2010. (Or 2001-2005 for that matter.)

Quite so. On the other hand, the thread will still be “in date” for years to come, even as our ages change. The trade-off seemed worth it to me, assuming more than a few dozen people respond. It will take some work to get more than How old are you? which had 766 votes last time I checked.

Come on 1961-1965! We’re winning!

I made it into the 1971-1975 group by a month (november 30 birthdate).

January 1966

October 1953. All you kids get offa my lawn!

What I’d really like to see is for Gymnopithys to vote, as this post suggests this may be the oldest currently active Doper!

And if you happen to be even older than Gymnopithys, then let’s hear about it! :slight_smile:

Geez, Prof your old enough to be my grandfather (assuming you had my dad when you were 5, and he had me when he was 5. It’s possible)

The Georgian Lad I Never Had.

Looks like our little brothers & sisters (the 1966-70 group) have picked up the lead now.

Alright, fess up - who’s the seven year old?

Are we taking bets?

1976-1980. Born 36 years ago today, actually.

Happy bday, yah whippersnapper. :slight_smile:

Looks like the median birth date so far is 1968, which is consistent with the Leap Year poll.

I have some ideas. :dubious:

The shape of this distribution is more convincing than others polls have been. Let’s just hope the shape continues to be “normal” as more voters arrive.

Click on the number and all will be revealed.

It is a pretty nice bell curve atm.