A Poll: click your birth year/month/decade

Inspired obviously by the birth year poll, I’ve placed a poll here as a column to determine by completely non-scientific random sample the average and mode ages of Dopers. Please select the 2 year range in which you were born (1931-1932 means you were born between January 1, 1931 and December 31, 1932), the month your birthday is in, and the decade.

To any of our intellectually gifted, holistically wonderful, and alarmingly sexy mods: Any chance of getting a sticky on this one for a few days, I wonder?

Um-- doesn’t the year indicate decade automatically?

Of course, but I’m just curious to see at a glance how 1960s babies compare to 1940s and 1980s. I’ll tab the results after a few days as well.

I’m curious to see if this ends up matching the spreadsheet. :slight_smile:


Excellent idea, Sampiro, and a natural follow-up to the issues being addressed in at least three other active threads.

Once this poll has drawn as many replies as the 500+ in Giles’s thread and the 9 pages of birth years, the issue of “average age” ought to be pretty clear.

Since I have a vested interest in one of the threads you’re wanting others to ignore, I’m going to ignore your warning and hope that others over 49 will do the same.

I was assuming he only meant the other one he tried that did not have a poll attached.

And I like it. Two years isn’t bad, and lets you get in a bit more information with the months.

BTW, I’ll be 25 in 3 days.

What BigT said. Being dangerously inbred and gestated by a heavy smoker I do stupid things sometimes, such as poll threads without polls attached.

^^ I’m twice as old as you this year, Big T. You’re also close in age to my oldest child, who will turn 25 in May. Happy Birthday. :slight_smile:

Well, I’d like to assume the same thing, but just in case here are the three that I would hope Dopers would at least look at:

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Just noticing:

Excellent. There’s more than one way to skin an alligator.

December 1st 1961.

Send cards!

Happy Birthday Big T! I thought you were much older because you are so well read. My son will be 26 on May 2nd. :slight_smile:

Oops, I selected them all.

Just kidding. I left a couple unchecked.

Why is January ahead of September by 12-5?


Because those of us who are also Capricorn tend to be a bit anal about such things. :stuck_out_tongue:



We have someone before '29? He will see History repeat once more…