What is the average age of Dopers?

Has Cecil et. al. ever done any marketing research (and released it on the boards) of the average age of the people who post on the Straight Dope Message Boards?

I ask this because of a thread in CS that ask where were you when John Lennon was murdered. I was five years old when it happened, so I had no real memory of the event.

Feel free to add opinions, but I am looking for the existence of any data that has been confirmed (thus, I post this in GQ instead of IMHO).

For the record, my guess was 35-40.

You could start a poll in IMHO. Not as accurate as you’re asking for, but it would give you a ballpark.

There is an archived poll “Approximately how old are you?” http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=218601

I’d vote for way more accurate that having to tally the letter scores in a 7-year-old thread. No offense to janeslogin.

That ought to be easy enough to set up. Only real issue would be the ranges to use. I’d suggest five year spans starting with 10-14.

Assuming you get at least 50 to reply, that ought to be a decent approximation for its uses here.

I’ve just created a poll in IMHO, in this thread.

Since this is specifically about this message board, it’s better suited for ATMB than GQ.

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:confused: The poll should be placed where the largest number of dopers will respond. I would believe that more people peruse IMHO than ATMB. Based upon the logic that a poll about demographic information about Dopers should be in ATMB, then every poll in IMHO, should be moved to ATMB.

This thread was moved to ATMB-the poll is still in IMHO.

2008 thread on year Dopers were born:

Based on this poll I feel comfortable with the idea that the “average age” of Dopers is between 20 and 50 with the middle of that range being 35 as a good “plus-or-minus 10 years” sort of thing.

Another similar poll with 5-year brackets, assuming at least as many Dopers respond, ought to pin it down better.

Just as long as things don’t go in such a way as to exclude us old farts, I’m content with letting the younger crowd dictate the threads and topics of conversation. I don’t expect a whole lot of response to mine these days.

48…just a couple days from being 49.

I thought that a few days ago this thread linked to a graphic of results that I no longer see.

Am I missing something? What happens to the result of polls like this?

I looked again and cannot find the graph representing the results of the original poll.

Is this not showing the graph?

Most dopers are around 20-30. I, however, am 650, which brings the average age up to around 43. Hope that helps.

Is that 650 in giraffe years? How many is that in dog years? In cat years?

Aw man! I missed anothe sesquisexcentennial* party.

  • Is that right?

If you’re asking if I had sex with a Sasquatch on my birthday, the answer is: none of your business. (But, yes.)

I think the average Doper age is somewhere between the age of consent and the age of regret.

(On average.)