What's the average age of a straight doper?

I got bored, so post your age and sometime soon I’ll average them.

16 here.

21 in 54 days.

This has been done in the past, it went many many pages IIRC.

Just too prove that I’ve been here too long, while reading the subject of the OP I was really curious what everyone’s sexuality had to do with the poll.

Yeah, what about us gay dopers?




It is time for me to confess…I’m only 15. I will be 16 on sept. 8.


So, um, that makes me around 40 then, I guess.


Of course, you realize that using this sampling method, you’ll obtain the average age of Dopers willing to post their age. Who frequent MPSIMS. At this particular point in time. As a study, it’s deeply flawed…

Oh. Wait. Um… 36.

[sub]MrVisible slinks back to Great Debates[/sub]

All true … and add ‘who may not give their true age anyway’.

Shucks, I’m 48!

23 here.

  1. give me till febuary and it’ll be 16…

Esprix is gay?! :eek:

Put me down as 15


28.9 years. Any other questions?

44years 11 months 3 days.

I just turned 38.

Another new 38.