What Dopers were born in the same year?

I realize this thread probably won’t fly with people who don’t care to share their age, but I was inspired by this thread on knowing people very close to you in age, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Just post your year of birth and find out who else shares it with you!

I’m vintage '75, baby.

1959 – Alaska and Hawaii are admitted to the union, the Lincoln Memorial replaces sheaves of wheat on the back of the penny, and I make my entrance on the world stage.

I’m a true flower child! Born in 1960. :wink:

Asimovian, you’re still a kid. Vintage ! Hah!

To those who posted above: What was it like back when the world was in black and white? :wink:

Well, apparently Flander doesn’t think I’m a kid. :slight_smile:

Simpler. Muuuuuuuuuch simpler.

Here’s some mundane pointless trivia:

My dad was born in 1930.
I was born in 1960.
My daughter was born in 1990.

SO …

When my daughter is 30 …
I’ll be 60 and my dad will be 90.


Match! Another 75er checking in.

Make that 3! Another 75er here.

I always had a good feeling about you…

'78 here

1981 checking in for roll call.

I know there’s others out there!

IIRC, Der Trihs was also born in 1968.

Anyone else turning fffff… ffffoo… forttt… 0x28 this year?

1957 - peak of the Baby Boom, thankyewverymuch.

  1. Get off my lawn!

I was born in lovely 1988.


I was born in the same year as my birth. What kind of question is that?

You’re 1,969 years old? :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Year of the Dragon FTW!