How old is the great debates forum?

I have done a review of all the great debates threads and the first one is sometime in June, is that how old this forum is? This is of interest to me because I am currently in a thread that is quite long and I am wondering if it is the longest thread in the great debates history. Can someone help?

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Thread numbers are assigned sequentially, as they are created. Thus, was the first Great Debates thread, started on June 1, 1999. You can edit the url sequentially to 000002.html, 000003.html, etc. to find out which of the olderst threads have had recent postings. (Some thread numbers may be missing, because the threads have been deleted).

Thank you whitetho. I was wondering if the thread I am participating in is the longest. Now I know.

Many thanks


That which a man had rather were true he more readily believes.

As long as you remember, Phaedrus, that longest is not to be confused with offering the most information.

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You’d probably get a quicker answer posting in either GD forum itself, or in About This Message Board.

IIRC, it does seem that June is about right for when GD was created. It was brought into being at the request of the Teeming Millions, since so many topics on GQ spurred debates. David B is the original moderator, I think.